• Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Inspection conducted by

  • Location
  • Brief description of work

Floors, Aisles, Stairs & Landings

  • 1.0 Are all aisles are clear?

  • 2.0 Are aisles free of slip, trip and fall hazards?

  • 3.0 Are stairs free of worn or broken treads?

  • 4.0 Are handrails in good repair?

  • 5.0 Are non-skid strips on stairs in good condition?


  • 6.0 Walkway areas are free of stored items?

  • 7.0 Items are stored safely and securely to prevent falling?

  • 8.0 Area free of rubbish and unwanted materials?

  • 9.0 Are flammable items correctly stored?

Electrical Power

  • 10.0 Are plugs, sockets and switches in good order?

  • 11.0 Are damage free and without defective leads?

  • 12.0 Area free of double adapters or piggy back plugs?

  • 13.0 Are all lights adequate and operational?

  • 14.0 Are Residual Current Devices installed and maintained?

First Aid

  • 15.0 Are First Aid kits identified and appropriately stocked?

  • 16.0 Are names of qualified first aid personnel displayed?

Emergency Response/ Fire Protection

  • 17.0 Are evacuation procedures clearly displayed?

  • 18.0 Are fire extinguishers appropriate to material?

  • 19.0 Are extinguishers readily available and properly mounted?

  • 20.0 Are exits and exit signs adequately illuminated?

  • 21.0 Are exits and fire doors in good repair and unobstructed, internally and externally?

Car Park/ Outdoor Areas

  • 22.0 Are areas clean and free from rubbish?

  • 23.0 Are surfaces even e.g. no holes?

  • 24.0 Are free of grease and oil?

  • 25.0 Are vehicle traffic ways clearly marked and lit?

  • 26.0 Are free of dense shrubbery obstructing vision?

  • 27.0 Are office chairs suitable and in good condition?

  • 28.0 Are ladders serviceable, no broken rungs/ defects?

  • 29.0 Metal ladders are not used for electrical work?

  • 30.0 Are WH&S policies and procedures adequately displayed?

  • 31.0 Safety signs are clearly displayed where necessary?

  • 32.0 Are kitchen appliances properly maintained?

Sign Off

  • Take photo of the worksite

  • On site representative

  • Auditor's signature

Actions/ Follow-up (include date for completion and responsibility)

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