• When a key holder is no longer responsible for tasks associated with requiring access to Vending equipment their keys should be returned to the Key Custodian with the appropriate key movements paperwork as soon as possible after the last use of the keys is required and not later then 24 hours

Key Holder Details

  • Key Holder details are to be completed by the key authoriser this should generally be a member of the state functions management team or in the case of key returns it may be the key custodian

  • CCA Function

  • Key Holders Name

  • Position

  • Company

  • Contact Phone No

  • Email

  • State

  • Route No

  • Handheld No

  • Driver No

  • Existing CCA Key Ring ID No

  • Details of Existing Keys (List the current keys held, key type, description and serial No)

  • Reason for Key Return

  • Date Keys are to be returned

Key Authoriser and Approval

  • Key Authorisers Name

  • Key Authorisers Position

  • Key Authorisers Contact Phone No

  • Key Authorisers Email

  • Key Approval (Key Authorisers Signature)

  • Approval Date

  • Once approved the Key Authoriser is to complete the details of there local state key custodian below and email the new key request form to them for processing

Key Custodian Details

  • Key Custodians Name

  • Key Custodians Email

  • Key Custodians Contact Phone No

Key Custodian Key Return Details

  • Details of Keys being returned (lList key Types / Serial No)

  • CCA Key Ring ID No

  • Date Keys Returned

  • Key Custodians Signature

Key Holder Return Acknowledgement

  • I confirm that the key transactions listed are true and accurate.

  • Key Holders Signature

  • Date Key Holder Signed Keys Return Acknowledgement

Key Register Database Updates

  • The key custodian is responsible for ensuring that the state key register is updated with details to show keys moved into the key safe

  • Date State Key Register Updated

  • The key custodian needs to ensure the completed forms are scanned and added to the key holders contractor records ie posted to the Sharepoint key administration database

  • Date Sharepoint Database Records Updated

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