Title Page

  • Conducted on

  • Site of audit

  • Conducted by

  • Type of audit

Control Cubicle/building

  • Lights working and in good condition

  • Doors and door seals in good working order

  • Cubicle fans and heaters in working order

  • Ventilation filters changed

  • Checked electrical connections throughout control cubicle

UPS/Battery bank

  • RTU/PLC battery backup present

  • Battery in good condition (ie: no swelling,corrosion,leaking)

  • Charger/power supply working

  • Battery passed load test

  • UPS present

  • UPS load tested ok?

  • UPS in good condition externally

Vent fan

  • Fan running

  • Fan running smoothly

  • Fan current

Vent Fan Structure

  • Vent Fan external structure in good condition

  • Vent fan external fencing in good condition

  • Any other issues or problems with Vent Fan

  • Add media

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