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Safety checking of Fall Arrest Device Inspections (type 2&3) in accordance with AS 1891
General condition

Wear at swivels and latch pivot points

Gate function

Broken, weak or misplaced latch springs

Examine complete body casing checking for cracks and impact damage which may affect the operation of the block

If the block has a retrieval handle, check that this is attached and ratchet mechanism is working

Item is free from corrosion, dirt, rust or other obstructions

Check the load indicators for any sign that a fall has occured

Check when last serviced and record details

Alignment of body,(no twisting or buckling)

Distortion of the hook or latch

Wear on body

Function Test, before use always test the function of your arrest block.

Pull sharply on the cable or webbing and make sure it locks, (complete this action twice to confirm)

Check for smooth operation

Withdraw the cable or webbing and make sure it retracts fully

Function Test for Wire Rope

Pull out cable and check for broken wires, wear and corrsion

Examine thimble eye and ferrule at wire termination


Note Positive Observations: is the equipment in good condition


Note Observations to be rectified by WHEN and WHO !

Provide a sketch of the area of concern if applicable to support findings
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