The version control will be maintained by the SHEQ team and is controlled via the Safety Equipment Inspections Document 2073838157-15.
Asset Overview
Asset name / Number / Location

Crane company name and Rego.

Prelift Checklist:
If the answer is No to any of the questions bellow a control must be coved on the site specific Risk Assessment or a detailed lift study/plan conducted.

A pretask risk assessment has been performed

The communication method has been confirmed

The travel path and set up area is clear of undergroung services

Ground conditions are suitable for the crane and the load

The weather conditions are safe to lift in

The crane boom is clear of overhead power lines (LV>6.4m, HV>10m)

The boom is clear of any overhead structures

The swing radius of the counterweight is clear

Barricades are in place (if there is a risk of interaction)

People in the immediate area are aware the lift is being performed

The operator has completed a VoC on this model of crane / plant

A cirtified rigger/dogger is available to sling and/ or guild the load

The outrigers are deployed and locked as per the manufacturer's requirments

The outriggers are supported on adequate mats/timbers

Articulated Cranes - Side slope and articulation has been considered in load chart calculation

All lifting equipment has been visually checked for damage/wear and has correct load rating

The load is secured to prevent items falling

The load is less than 75% of the capacity at radius or within lift study limits

Are taglines required to control the load

Chains and Lifting Equipment

Please state below the number of lifting chains used, serial number, length and expiry date

List all other lifting equipment used that has a serial number. Including man box, synthetic slings etc.

Sign Off
Crane Operator to sign and include there licence number
Dogger/Rigger Operator to sign and include there licence number
Crane Safe Behaviours CSC : Lifting Operations

Crane is set up clear of adjacent hazards such as trenches, services and power lines or other structures

Crane cabin windows and mirrors are clean and unobstructed

Outriggers are fully extended, locked and appropriately packed on soild ground

Slings show no sign of damage and have current colour tags (RuGBY)

The hoisting rope hangs vertically over the load before it is hoisted

The load is stable as the lift is initially taken

Riggers/Dogmen are clear of the "fall Shdow", are not between the load and always have an escape path

If taglines are used, they are retrieved using a crook

All personal are kept clear of the drop zone

The crane moves slowly if the pick and carry method of transportation is used (Franner) and is always kept close to the ground.

The crane dose not travel across a slop if the pick and carry method of transportation is used

Other comments and Observer information

Add any other additional information that may be required. Is and Observer needed? If so sign and date in next page.

Observer to sign if required