The version control will be maintained by the SHEQ team and is controlled via the Safety Equipment Inspections Document 2073838157-15.
Safety inspection of tripods in accordance with AS 1891

Check manufactured date and record details with photo of label, not to exceed 10 years life.

Add a photo of the tripod being inspected.

Are there any sharp edges / Burrs?

Inspect the eye bolts for damage?

Is there any visible damage? Carefully inspect the entire tripod for cracks, corrosion or other damage.

Do the leg-locking mechanisms properly lock the tripod legs into position?

Are push pins in place (or similar device) and are they in good condition? Make sure that they can be inserted and lock into place properly.

Are foot assemblies in place and are they in good condition?

Connectors - including Karabiners, Snap Hooks and Tube Nut connectors.

Are any of the connectors Cracked , have sharp edges , corroded or missing parts ?

Are all of the connectors labelled with details such as SWL?

Based on the inspection what is the overall result?