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Organization of Work Area


  • Work Surface and work area large enough to hold materials and equipment and perform required tasks

  • Storage space adequate for copies, handbooks, documents, and notebooks

  • Area under desk free of obstructions

  • Area under work surface provides sufficient depth, height, and width for legs to move about freely

Job Aids and Equipment Positioning

  • Job aids, tools and materials placement allows efficient flow of work

  • Items used frequently (telephone, calculators, etc) within easy reach without extensive body movement

  • Document holder available and positioned to avoid frequent eye and head movement

  • Cables and cords positioned to prevent tripping

  • Headset available for high volume telephone use

Body Posture for Seated Position

  • Lower back support

  • Thighs approximately horizontal

  • Lower part of leg approximately vertical

  • Keyboard height allows forearms and wrists to be in a neutral (straight) position

  • Monitor at least 12-18" away from worker

  • Top of monitor screen approximately eye level

  • Mouse positioned to allow forearm and wrists to be in a neutral position

  • Feet rest flat on floor, or footrest provided, when needed

  • No prolonged forward bending

  • Minimum amount (or infrequent) bending or twisting of the back, head or neck


Chair Features

  • Stable with five point base (safe from tipping over)

  • Castors appropriate for safe mobility on floor surface

  • Swivels

  • Are seat dimensions: Seat Pan 15" - 19" deep and a minimum of 18.2" wide

  • Has armrests that are a good fit for user

  • Clearance under work surface for arm rests

  • Rounded front edge to avoid thigh pressure

  • Padded Seat

  • Lumbar support in backrest

  • Guidance / Training for users describing how to make adjustents

Chair Adjustability

  • Chair allows user to assume different postures

  • Seat height adjusts between 16" - 20.5"

  • Adjustable armrests

  • Adjustable height of backrest

  • Backrest adjustable forward / backward

  • Adjustments easily made from seated position


  • Lighting adequate for tasks

  • Display screen free of glare and reflections

  • Screen at right angle to windows

  • Screen character brightness at a comfortable level

  • Room temperature constant between 70F and 73F

  • Noise level less than 55 dBA in task areas requiring intense concentration

  • Noise level less than 65 dBA in routine task areas

  • Environment free from distracting high noise levels (from printers, copiers, etc)

  • Environment free of hot or cold areas under desks, in corners, etc

Workstation Photographs

  • Work station before adjustments

  • Workstation after adjustments

User educational information / Adjustments made

  • "Computer Ergonomics" handout provided

  • Adjusted Monitor

  • Adjusted Chair

  • Adjusted keyboard tray

  • Discussed behavior modification techniques and reminders


  • Add foot rest to work station

  • Add keyboard tray to workstation

  • Add document holder

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Follow up

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  • Work station after trial period

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Follow up

  • Date and Time

  • Work station after trial period

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Follow up

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  • Work station after trial period

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