Visual Assessment Monitoring

Outfall 001

  • No discharge occurred during monitoring period.

  • Sample Collection Date & Time

  • Signature of Personel Collecting Sample:

  • Was the sample collected within the first 30 minutes of the measurable storm event? If no, provide explanation as to why sample was collected after the first 30 minutes.

  • Nature of Discharge (i.e. runoff, snowmelt):

  • Magnitude of Event:

  • Start of Discharge:

  • Duration of Event:

  • Was previous storm event that resulted in a discharge more than 72 hrs. before this event?

  • Visual Assessment Date & Time

  • Signature of Personnel Performing Visual Assessment:

  • Visually inspect the sample for the following characteristics; If the characteristic is present in the sample, write "Present" in the results column, and provide a description of the characteristic and it's probable source. If the characteristic is absent from the sample, indicate with "Not Present" in the Results Column.
    Note that the sample must be collected in a clean, clear glass or plastic container and examined in a well-lit area.


  • Unusual color, such as reddish, brown, or yellow hue?


  • Noticeable odor (smells like gas fumes, rotten eggs, sour, etc.?


  • Not clear-cloudy or opaque?

Floating Solids

  • Floating material at or near top of sample?

Settled Solids

  • Material settled at the bottom after approx. 30 minutes?

Suspended Solids

  • Particles suspended in the water will affect clarity and color?


  • After gently shaking the bottle, foam is present?

Oil Sheen

  • Rainbow color or sheen on surface of the water?

Obvious Indicators of Stormwater Pollution?

  • Other Indicators?

Corrective actions

  • Describe any Corrective Actin(s) or Stormwater Maintenance Tasks Necessary (include ID number):

Comments / Additional Notes:

  • Notes:

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