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Injury Management and Return to Work Basics 48 Points

  • The site has the current injury flow chart displayed onsite?

  • The site has the Injury Management Policy displayed onsite?

  • The site has attended all scheduled Claims Management Strategy Meetings in the past 12 months ?<br>n.b Partial score if the site has attended most but not all .

  • Does the site contact the Recovre Line when reasonably practicable, following an incident?<br>Within 24hrs of the site being notified

  • The site has a current signed Return to Work plan on all audited files. <br>n.b Partial if a RTW plan is on most but not all files .

  • Are the site's claims reported to the insurer within the appropriate State's guidelines?

Injury Management and Claims Deductions

  • Does the site have claims with no RTW plans ?

  • Does the site pay excess on late claims?

Return to Work Best Practice 32 Points

  • The site uses injury packs on all claims?<br>Look for relevant procedures and audit several files as a check.

  • The site scans and emails through all correspondence within 24 hours of receipt ?

  • The site accompanies workers to initial medical appointments where the worker has given permission?

  • Does the site have a preferred medical provider ?

  • Does the site have an emergency transport service or similar arrangement in the event that the relevant supervisor is unable to attend or take the worker to the doctor for the initial treatment ?

  • Has the site had manager and supervisor Injury Management Training in the last 12 months ?

  • Has the site entered all claims into Vault?

  • Is the site on track to reach the targets set by the HSE plan?<br>Complies currently at target and partial where site is capable of reaching the target based on current trends.

Excellence 20 points

  • What improvement has there been in site claims history for the last 12 months ( select) ?

  • Corrective actions from incidents resulting in claims closed off in Vault?

  • Proactive measures have been undertaken or are included in the site HSE plan to reduce injuries?<br>e.g Guarding , Process Change , Manual Handling Training

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