Housekeeping Workshop / Office

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  • Can emergency alarms be heard

  • Are compressed air hoses in good condition

  • Electrical leads and connection been tested and tagged

  • Emergency vehicle access

  • Emergency contacts posters displayed

  • Evacuation plan displayed

  • Access to MSDS folders

  • Exits clear of debris and exit lights operating

  • Fire fighting equipment, alarms and signage

  • Fire hoses and extinguishers

  • Are flammable materials stored safely

  • Is the floor clear of hazards or obstacles

  • Are hoses and leads rolled up after use

  • Is there sufficient lighting

  • Is there sufficient clean airflow

  • Is there sufficient pest control

  • Is everyone wearing the correct PPE

  • Are the signs and warning clear and clean

  • Are all the spares stacked safely

  • Is there clear access to tools and equipment

  • Are the walls and roof in good condition

  • Are good welding screens available

Office / Entry Area

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