Housekeeping Inspection Yard

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Workplace Standards

  • Are there clear gaps between baled product

  • Gates / Fences clean and not broken

  • Is there any product outside the rear fence

  • Are all roads clear of major potholes

  • Sufficient safety signs and warnings

Plant, Tools and Equipment

  • Is mobile equipment working and free of damage

Emergency Management

  • Can alarms be heard outside

  • Is the assembly point clearly marked

  • Is there clear emergency vehicle access

  • Are the exits clear of machinery / product

  • Are the fire hoses, and extinguishers available

Traffic Management in the Yard

  • Is the car park clean and is there enough parking

  • Are there convex mirrors in the blind spots

  • Are the shared walkways clearly marked


  • Are the storage cages clearly marked

  • Is there enough room for product storage

  • Is contaminated waste stored on bunded pallets

  • Are the bales stacked safely


  • Are the bollards in good condition

  • Are hoses and leads rolled up after use

  • Is pest control sufficient

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