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  • Client / Site

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  • Location
  • Personnel

Audit Details

  • Project

  • Customer service area

  • Service order

  • Auditee

  • Company name

Work Areas & Safety

  • Site - Personal and site safety procedures observed?

  • Hazards - Hazards identified and recorded. Worksite audit form completed / Hazard notices in place?

  • Traffic - Transit TMP provided?

  • Services - Services located / Clearances correct?

  • Confined space - Confined space; Gas detector - Within current calibration certificate?

  • Reinstatement - All work areas reinstated?

  • Optical fibre health and safety - No fibre task waste on site, all optical (glass) ends safely contained (H&S)? Refer to optical fibre - Chorus optical health and safety guidelines document ND0585 - 5.2.7 Disposal of fibre (glass) off-cuts.


  • H&S - Pole safe to climb (hammer/probe/dig)?

  • H&S - Unsafe poles labelled / marked for replacement / 7 days?

  • H&S - Unsafe poles noted in hazardous pole register?

UFB Fibre Flexibility Point (FFP)

  • Fibre management - Fibre run correctly on mandrels and managed as per handbook?

  • Cabinet - Cabinet / Exchange log complete?

  • OFDF H&S - All unused connectors capped?

  • OFDF - Splitter legs installed in parking bay?

  • Fibre management - Within an individual tray two fibres per customer connection rule is observed?

Pillar / Pedestal Terminal

  • Security - Lid secure?

  • Pillar - Lead-in through base only?

  • Reinstatement - Site tidy, no task waste?

Aerial Service Lead

  • Customer - Lead-ins enter terminal correctly?

  • Pipe - White pipe down poles?

  • Pipe - 600mm saddle spacing or 1500mm bandit spacing?

  • H&S - Roadway crossing min 5.5m height, elsewhere 4.25m height?

  • H&S - Correct aerial fittings used (screw eyes, sash clamps)?

Buried Service Lead

  • Customer - Service lead terminated correctly?

  • Pipe - 20mm pipe connected at pedestal correctly (bend in pedestal)?

  • Pipe - 20mm pipe connected at BDD correctly (50mm into BDD pit, 450mm deep)?

  • Pipe - Green 20mm installed in trench?

  • Pipe - White pipe above ground level?

  • Customer - Depth correct (300mm cover)?

  • Reinstatement - Reinstatement / Backfill satisfactory?

  • Pipe - Pipe connected at ETP correctly (not glued)?

  • Installing of ribbonet - Both ends of the Ribbonet correctly sealed during the lead in process?


  • ETP - Physical alignment correct between 300mm and 600mm above ground, all fittings secure?

  • ETP - Ericsson 5/NEG203200 ETP installed?

  • Pipe - 20mm pipe to ETP is white only?

  • Pipe - White pipe or flexi duct fitted to outside of building secured with plastic or galvanised saddles?

  • Locate - Locate wire installed and terminated in ETP with redcaps (fixed fibre only)

  • Pipe - Fibre building penetrations sealed?

  • Fibre - Fixed fibre or ABF tube housed in 20mm white pipe or UV stabilised flexi pipe where fibre exits through bottom of ETP?

  • Legacy wiring - Correctly connected to hybrid cable?

  • Closure - 30mm bending radius unconditionally observed at all locations?

  • Closure - Heat shrink splice protectors secured from movement?

Customer Premises

  • H&S - Correct clearances observed?

  • Cable - Wiring route acceptable and cable safe and secure?

  • Cable - Exposed surface wiring neat and tidy?

  • ONT/RGW - Hardware installed and aligned correctly, not in a damp area, 300mm above ground?

  • Technician - Contractor appearance/manner up to standard, ID card visible?

  • Reinstatement - Site tidy, no task waste?

  • Commissioning - Optical power meter test at the ONT prior to plugging in the SC/A connector?

  • Cabling ETP to HONT - Fibre/Copper hybrid cable used?

  • H&S - Connectors cleaned and verified with fibre inspection probe?

Sales & Service Advice Notes

  • Records integrity - Completion time and date filled in?

  • Records integrity - Service order number correct?

  • Records integrity - Customer details correct?

  • Records integrity - Service required details correct?

  • Records integrity - Additional services provided clearly recorded?

  • Records integrity - Service order type correct?

  • Records integrity - CSA correct?

  • Records integrity - Network elements where work was carried out?

  • Customer - Customer acknowledged with name and signature?

  • Technician - Service person name?

  • Codes & context - Correct billing codes claimed

Fibre Access Terminal

  • Entry tubes - Are entry tubes sealed?

  • Splice trays - Only two fibres per tray?

  • Service lead install - Lead cleaned and abraded?

  • Service lead install - Rayblocks fitted to tubes and shrunk down to seal cable into accessible?

  • Tube holder - Tube holder installed?

  • Fixed fibre - Locate element trimmed and discarded?

  • Closure - Silica gel pack replaced?

  • Closure - Triangle symbols on the dome and base match?

  • Closure - All latches closed?

  • Closure - O-Ring installed?

  • Closure - 30mm bending radius unconditionally observed at all locations?

  • Closure - Heat shrink splice protectors secured from movement?

  • Fibre - Fibre routed?

  • Fibre - Splice holder installed?

  • Fibre cable - Slack managed in fibre management coil?

  • Security - Swing arm and bracket in working order or mounted on manufactured bracket?

  • Security - Lid locked and lock bung installed?

  • Design - Fibre splicing with design tolerance?

Blown Fibre Boundary Connection

  • Microduct - One way tubes trimmed accurately and securely seated in 5mm connector?

  • Microduct - One way ribbonet connector secure?

  • Microduct - Locate element installed and terminated correctly?

  • Cable protection - Cover board installed prior to reinstatement?

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