I. Movement Area Status

  • AFRU operational?

  • Are there any current NOTAM'S?

  • Are there any MOWP'S active?

  • Are there any work permits active?

II. Runway 05/23

  • 1. Debris on runway, i.e. loose stones, foreign objects?

  • 2. Shoulder erosion?

  • 3. Markings, both temporary and permanent, are correct?

  • 4. Pavement Deterioration (cracks, failures, bird baths etc)?

  • 5. Runway lights operational?

  • 6. PAPI operational?

  • 7. Illuminated Wind Indicator (IWI), signal circle and markers?

  • 8. Obstruction lights?

  • 9. Aerodrome beacon?

III. Runway 12/30

  • 1. Grass height?

  • 2. Undue roughness?

  • 3. Strength?

  • 4. Markers and markings?

IV. Runway Strips

  • 1. Strength?

  • 2. Undue roughness?

  • 3. Obstructions?

  • 4. Grass height?

  • 5. Grass not obscuring markers?

  • 6. Markers in good condition and positioned correctly?

V. Taxiways

  • 1. Debris on taxiway, (loose stones, foreign objects?

  • 2. Pavement deterioration (cracks, failures, bird baths etc)?

  • 3. Shoulder erosion?

  • 4. Grass height adjacent to taxiway?

  • 5. Markers and markings correct and in good condition?

  • 6. Taxiway lights operational?

VI. Apron

  • 1. Debris (loose stones, foreign objects etc)?

  • 2. Fuel and oil spills?

  • 3. Pavement deterioration (cracks, failures, bird baths etc)?

  • 4. Markers and markings correct and in good condition?

  • 5. Incorrect parking of aircraft?

  • 6. Apron lighting?

  • 7. Unauthorised persons?

  • 8. Airside access controls?

  • 9. Speeding and/ or unauthorised vehicles?

  • 10. Grass height adjacent to the apron?

  • 11. Ground support equipment (GSE) is located behind the limit line?

VII. Perimeter Fencing

  • 1. Fence line intact and undamaged?

  • 2. Gates locked and secure?

  • 3. Fence line clear of items which enable climbing?

  • 4. Is there a SRA active?

VIII. Obstacle Limitation Surface

  • 1. Approach surfaces are clear, i.e. new obstacles, trees etc?

  • 2. Transitional surfaces infringements?

  • 3. Known obstacles are correctly marked?

  • 4. Obstacle lights operational?

IX. Wildlife Observations

X. Miscellaneous Observations


  • Airport Representative

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