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  • Facility identification signs with emergency contact numbers are secure and properly installed in a noticeable location.

  • Regulation signs are present and placed where necessary for the user to easily view.


  • Walking track has unobstructed accessibility. (e.g. free from low and protruding tree limbs)

  • Track has a uniform surface and is free of broken, missing, and/or overlapping concrete.

  • Track is free of weeds and grass growth and ant piles.

  • Track is free of trash and has no signs of vandalism.


  • Benches are well maintained and hardware is intact and flushed with surfaces.

  • Gazebos are structurally sound and free of vandalism.


  • Adequate parking spaces are provided. Paved parking is well maintained and spaces are clearly marked. Gravel parking is graded with no obvious drainage ruts and /or potholes.

  • Area is free of trash, debris, or any others hazards.


  • Utility poles are well maintained and operational with no empty sockets or burned out bulbs.

  • Adequate lighting throughout the facility.


  • Sufficient trash containers are conveniently located.

  • Property boundaries are marked and identifiable.

  • Grass and weeds are maintained.


  • Facility meets the requirements of the American with Disabilities Act.

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