• Route risk assessments in place?

  • Risk assessments in place?

  • Safe systems of work available?

  • Incident cards available?

  • Emergency procedures card available?

  • Fire extinguisher present, charged and in date?

  • First aid kit complete and in date?

  • Hand cleaning facilities available?

  • Are crews wearing seatbelts?

  • Is the cab interior clean and tidy?

  • No smoking in the vehicle being adhered to

The vehicles

  • Are reversing aids to provide 360 vision where necessary e.g Camera or CCTV provided and functioning to observe working area at rear of RCVs and other recycling vehicles?

  • Are reversing alarms in good working order, being used used correctly and properly adjusted?

  • Are beacons /warning lights in good working order, being used correctly and properly adjusted?

  • Mirrors in good working order, being used correctly and properly adjusted?

  • Vehicle defect sheet correctly completed?

  • Tachograph book correctly completed?

  • Does the driver carry a CPC card and licence?

  • Bin and skip hoist controls exclude operator from trapping zone?

  • Hoist compatible with the type of container and able to lift on slopes where operated?

The driver, operators and public interface.

  • Single sided collections adhered to?

  • Vehicles loaded only when stationary?

  • Collection of containers from near side kerb only, so far as reasonably practicable to reduce crossing or working within the road?

  • Riding on vehicle within cab only, no footboards?

  • Trained reversing assistants (banksmen) used when reversing in the vicinity of pedestrians ( only if the risk cannot be controlled by safer control measures, e.g CCTV?

  • Reversing avoided where possible?

  • Reversing procedure carried out correctly?

  • Reversing assistant located in a safe place?

  • Reserving assistant being alert?

  • Reversing assistant using correct signals?

  • Reversing manoeuvre carried out safely?

  • The none use of Phones, MP3 players and other audio devices not being used on collection rounds being adhered to?

Lifting and manual handling.

  • Are manual handling training techniques being used for the range of container types collected?

  • Is the vehicle ergonomically suitable for sorting / loading e.g height of rave rail, height of sorting surface, and placement of stillages?

  • Is the bin hoist/ side hopper operated safely?

  • Do crew members stand clear whilst lifting in progress?

  • Are crew members observant during the bin/hopper lift?

  • Do crew members ensure wheelie bins are not overfilled before handling?

  • Do the operatives have manual handling and needle stick training.<br>Also reversing procedure and noise toolbox talks.

  • Are operatives aware of Hep And B inoculations?

Waste receptacles - boxes/bins/bags

  • Weight check of receptacles before handling?

  • Lifting and handling technique practiced?

  • Are hazards and slippery surfaces avoided?

  • Are crew members avoiding collection spills?

  • Do crew members clean up collection spills?

  • Are boxes/bins returned to the original place and not leaving an obstruction?

  • Are crew members removing bags from bins to reduce weight?

Personal protection equipment (key issues)

  • High visibility (cat 3) clothing provided and worn?

  • Safety footwear provided and worn?

  • Protective ( ballistic ) trousers provided and worn when the risk of leg cuts e.g collecting bags or when bags are removed from other containers?

  • Gloves provided and worn when directly picking up refuse?

  • Hearing protection (ear defenders, plugs ect.) provided and worn when required?

  • Eye protection provided and worn where required?

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