Project Environmental Management Plans

Are any Management Plans are applicable to this project? List.

Are all management plans up to date?

Have there been changes to Management Plan documentation since the last inspections.

Have any changes been communicated to site personnel and if so, in what manner?

Flora and Vegetation Management

Is there an approved clearing permit? # Date


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Is Clearing footprint within approved polygon?

Cleared materials stockpiled neatly on site in a designated area or used for erosion control?

Compliance with conditions of the project Clearing Permit?

Additional clearing activities required/undertaken since the last inspection?

All clearing activity surveyed and clearing volumes recorded (Native Vegetation Clearing Log)

All personnel informed about keeping to cleared tracks and/or site boundaries?

Fauna Management

Regionally significant fauna identified and special management actions formulated? List

Has there been any fauna sighted?

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Any fauna removed from site recorded? (Fauna Removal Log)

Authorised fauna handler available?

Fauna ramps in place for excavation works?

Barriers/fencing to prevent fauna entering site adequate and in good condition?

Are open pits and trenches routinely inspected for fauna prior to starting work?

Water Course Crossing Management

Bed and Banks Permit required/obtained?

Compliance with Bed and Banks Permit conditions?

Is watercourse flow interrupted?

Are works creating erosion of banks/impact on riparian vegetation?

Acid Sulfate Soil Management

Is ASS risk assessed?

Is there an ASSMP?

Are skilled personnel selected and trained in their roles and responsibilities to implement the ASSMP?

Is the sampling and analysis program being implemented?

Are the data readily available for review?

Are appropriate management and mitigation measures applied in a timely manner?

Dewatering Management
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Is there an approved Dewatering Management Plan (DWMP)?

Dewatering being undertaken in accordance with management plan?

Are skilled personnel selected and trained in their roles and responsibilities to implement the DWMP?

Is the sampling and analysis program being implemented?

Are the data readily available for review? (Water Discharge Monitoring Log)

Are appropriate management and mitigation measures applied in a timely manner?

Hygiene Management

Is there a weed and hygiene minimisation program in place?

Has there been any new plant or equipment brought to site since the last inspection?

Plant and equipment checklist/inspection been undertaken to confirm hygiene standards have been adhered to?

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Dust Management

Are dust suppression controls being undertaken?

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Has there been any complaints?

Are there visible dust plumes moving off site?

Waste Management

Adequate waste bins on site?

Segregated waste management practices implemented?

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Waste containers clearly labelled?

Liquid wastes stored within bunded area?

Are wash down activities being undertaken within designated areas?

Noise Management

Is there an approved Noise Management Plan (NMP)?

Appropriate PPE being used as required?

Has there been any complaints?

Are noise emissions compliant with NMP and Environmental Protection Noise Regulations? (Noise Monitoring Log)

Aboriginal Heritage Management

Aboriginal Heritage Sites identified?

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Disturbance of Aboriginal Heritage sites avoided?

Disturbance of Aboriginal Heritage Sites in accordance with DIA and Land and Sea Council conditions?

Discharge of Pipeline Pressure Testing and Disinfection Water Management

Does the chemical make up of the discharge water pose a risk to flora and fauna in the receiving environment?

Is disinfection and alkaline water discharge monitored? (Monitoring Log)

Drainage on site appropriately managed to prevent contaminated discharge to the environment?

Are works creating erosion or turbidity in receiving water bodies?

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Rehabilitation and Revegetation Management
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Is there a Revegetation and Rehabilitation/Offsets Management Plan?

Is rehabilitation/restoration of native vegetation in compliance with management plans, permits and regulatory requirements?

Is rehabilitation/restoration of non-native vegetation restored to pre-construction condition or regulator/land-owner satisfaction?

Environmental Incident Management

Are incident response procedures and contact details readily available on site?

Has any environmental incidents occurred since the last inspection?

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Have all incidents been reported in accordance with the Site/CEMP incident management process? (Incident Report Form)

Has/Have the incident(s) been investigated and closed out?

First party audits being undertaken?

Community Complaints and Consultation

Have there been any complaints from the community/stakeholders?

Have all complaints been logged? (Community Complaint Record)

Have all complainants been responded to in a timely manner?

Has the source of the complaint been rectified or mitigated?


Is the site tidy and lay down areas are clearly demarcated?

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Is there any evidence of littering on site?

Adequate personal hygiene facilities on site and facilities are maintained regularly (at least once a day?)

Fencing and gates in good condition and appropriate?

Signs legible and posted in appropriate locations?

General Safety

PPE being worn correctly and appropriate to the task being performed?

JSAs up to date and implemented

Emergency Response

Are there emergency response contact details readily available on site?

Has there been any change to the site evacuation procedure since the last inspection?

Are there adequate emergency response personnel on site?

Has an emergency response drill been conducted since the last inspection?

Regular risk assessments being undertaken prior to high risk activities?

Are there adequate first aiders and kits on site?

Worksite Changes

Has there been any changes since the last inspection?

Has the change(s) been documented and communicated to all site personnel?

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Has there been new contaminated material reported since the last inspection?

Contaminated material being appropriately contained and managed?

Contaminated storage areas appropriately signed and cordoned off?

Other observations
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.