Cleaning and Disinfection

    Cleaning and Disinfection
  • What is being assessed?
    The cleaning and disinfection of any water system as part of the procedure undertaken to control legionella bacteria.

  • Do operatives have sufficient knowledge and training to undertake the task?

  • Have the scope of works been agreed with the site?

  • Have the Water System to be cleaned and disinfected been identified?

  • Have existing systems been inspected?

  • Has waste disposal been considered?

  • Have equipment tolerances been identified? (Chlorine Tolerance)

  • Have chemical dosing points, control equipment, or other sensitive equipment been isolated?

  • Have dead legs, redundant pipework, or outlets, or equipment etc. been identified?

  • Have site procedures been followed? (Induction, Permits, Security etc.)

  • Has the correct procedure for cleaning and disinfection been followed?

  • Have site specific Risk Assessment and Method Statement been provided?

  • Have check lists or procedures been provided to the operative(s) carrying out the task?

  • Has appropriate PPE been provided and in a good condition?

  • Have all actions been recorded?

Hot and Cold Water Monitoring

    Hot and Cold Water Monitoring
  • What is being assessed?
    The control of legionella growth within hot and cold water systems and the associated control measures are in place, including temperature monitoring, water quality monitoring, sampling, inspection and condition assessment.

  • Do operatives have sufficient knowledge and experience to undertake the task?

  • Are schematic drawings available, that identify the components that are required to be monitored?

  • Does the operative have access to the existing risk assessment or written scheme?

  • Have operatives followed site specific procedures? (Induction, Permits, Security)

  • Do operatives have access to task sheets/method statements for the activities they are undertaking?

  • Have temperature probes been calibrated?

  • Is there a record of calibration?

  • Have all tasks been recorded, including any non conformance and actions?

Analytical Services

    Analytical Services
  • What is being assessed?
    The provision of sampling and laboratory analysis, including but not limited to sample taking, transport and reporting of results from water systems.

  • Is there evidence that a sampling programme has been produced?

  • Does the sampling programme include the location of sampling points?

  • Does the sampling programme include any frequencies of sampling?

  • Does the sampling programme indicate the sampling methodology?

  • Is there evidence that samples are delivered to the laboratory within 48 hours?

  • Is there evidence of identity and traceability of the sample?

  • Is there evidence that the analysis has been carried out by a UKAS laboratory?

  • Is there evidence that the client receives a copy of the reports?

Plant and Equipment

    Plant and Equipment
  • What is being assessed?
    The design, manufacture, supply, installation, refurbishment, commissioning of any plant and equipment associated with the control of legionella bacteria in water systems.

  • Has the client provided the scope objectives?

  • The details of premises and locations to be encompassed?

  • The identification of systems to be included?

  • Has the client provided details of any management schemes to be produced?

  • Have the level of details been agreed? (Drawings, Asset Registers, O&M manuals etc.

  • Has a survey been conducted to obtain information on design or select appropriate components?

  • Have H&S risk assessments and method statements been reviewed?

  • Have clients procedures been followed? (Induction, Permits, Security)

  • Does the design comply with relevant codes and guidance?


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