Pre Work Inspection ( to be completed prior to beginning work)

  • Plans have been reviewed with the site superintendent.

  • Purchase order has been received.

  • Materials are on site and ready to be used.

  • Area around house is free and clear of debris.

  • Area around house is free and clear of debris.

  • All insulation boards are installed with no open areas or gaps and no unbroken boards.

  • Insulation boards are dry.

  • Roof is completed.

  • Windows and doors are set.

  • Windows are intact and unbroken.

  • Site Superintendent:

  • Trade Contractor: Company Name (printed)

Final inspection: ( to be completed before Trade Contractor leaves job site)

  • All windows are intact and unbroken.

  • From interior of house all fasteners are in framing members. Any area where fasteners have missed framing members and are protruding through insulation boards must be refastened.

  • All broken insulation boards have been repaired and sealed.

  • Siding is installed per manufacturers installation instructions.

  • Siding is level and straight with no more than 1/4 inch deviation in 10 feet.

  • Exterior trim is level, plumb, and undamaged.

  • Exterior trim is not split or unbroken, and does not have large knots or holes.

  • Exterior trim is secured tightly to framing members.

  • Gaps in exterior trim do not exceed 1/4 inch and have been caulked

  • Fascia, rake boards, soffits and soffit areas are all complete. Material is undamaged with no holes, splits, broken boards, large knots, etc.

  • No siding boards are broken.

  • All holes, nicks, gouges, etc., are caulked and/or repaired.

  • Site is clean and free of debris.

  • Excess material is stacked at front of lot.


  • Date: Project superintendent:

  • Trade Contractor: Company Name:

  • Project manager

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