Weapons Handling

Is the weapons handling area free from distractions and does it provide a safe environment for weapons loading and clearing? AFMAN 31-229 para. 1.2.

Is the floor area below the clearing zone covered by a rubber or resilient matting to help prevent damage or primer detonation of a dropped round? AFMAN 31-229 para. 3.2.3.

Are written firearms clearing procedures posted above each clearing barrel for each type for each type of government firearm stored in the arms room? AFMAN 31-229 para. 3.3.

Are only clearing barrel attendant and the individual clearing their weapons allowed in the clear zone at any given time? AFMAN 31-229 para. 1.3.

Is the red line identifying the clearing zone painted, or taped or incorporated in the floor tile pattern, and at least 4 inches wide? AFMAN 31-22p para. 1.3.3.

Is the clearing zone at least 6 feet wide (three feet on either side of the clearing barrel center line)? AFMAN 31-229 para 1.3.3.

Does the Armorer ensure each weapon is cleared before issue or turn-in? AFMAN 31-229 para. 1.4.2.


Report Routing

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