• Weekly Business Review

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

Hitting Commitments

  • Sales? CMT

  • Labor? CMT

  • Gross? CMT

  • Shrink? CMT

Driving the Top Line SALES

  • Red Velvet

  • 4 Count Muffins Ranking

  • How do you feel your team did in terms of offering the Push items?

  • KPI

Attendance/Ready to Work

  • Did your team arrive on time and ready to start work?


  • Transmittals signed daily.

  • Void and Refund log signed off every day?

  • Weekly Purchase Report completed by Monday Morning?

  • Weekly Sales Playbook completed 100% on Wednesday?

  • Order Guide - Did you inventory your freezer before you wrote your orders?

  • Is your team using the Donut Log Sheet daily.

  • Is the team using the French Bread production log?


  • What was the score of your last ECOLAB Audit?

  • Did all of the issues get corrected?

  • 1. Are towels stored in a container that is maintained at the appropriate concentration between uses? Issue : Clean wiping cloth not stored in sanitizer in between uses and maintained at the appropriate concentration. 2. Are non-food contact surfaces free from previous day's soil or food build up? Issue : Buildup on non-food contact surfaces. 3. Are coolers, walls, ceilings, floors and drains free of accumulated soil, mold or dust? Issue : Dirty floor and/or floor drains.

  • Are you maintaining a safe working environment for yourself and your team?

  • If you had an injury in your department, did you fill out the Root Cause Analysis Report?

Neatness/Cleanliness in Work Area

  • What do the 5 S stand for?

  • 5 S Opportunities

  • 5 S Opportunities

  • Did last weeks 5 S Opportunities get corrected?

  • What rating would you give yourself regarding a 5-S Standards?

  • Are you and your team following the Green Team - Zero Waste Program?

  • Cleaning Opportunities

  • Cleaning Opportunities

  • Did last weeks Cleaning Opportunities get completed?

  • Where does your department rate in terms of cleanliness?


  • Have you spent any time this week coaching and developing your team?

Old Business

  • Have you completed the action items from our last meeting?

New Business

  • #1. Action Item

  • #2. Action item

  • #3. Action item

  • New Business

Best in Class

  • Great Job!

  • I have reviewed the Weekly Business Review and understand my role in executing the action items.

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