Hitting Commitments

  • Labor Admin CMT %

  • Labor Front End CMT. %


  • What is the results of the XVB for this week? Goal vs Actal

  • How did you and your team do in offering the push item?


Attendance/Ready to Work

  • Is every associate following the company dress code?

  • Are you holding associates accountable for working there scheduled shifts?


  • Did you host the daily huddle every day?

  • Is every cashier taking the produce test every month?

  • Are you holding your team accountable for cash over/shortages?

  • Is the Anti Money Laundering signed off once a week?

  • Weekly Sales Playbook completed 100% on Wednesday?

  • Bathroom checks - Are the closing managers checking the bathrooms at the start of there shift and signing off that they are clean?

  • Break Room - Is the opening manager checking: 1. Receipts for items in the refrigerator 2. No unauthorized items. 3. Clean break-room?


  • Are you providing a safe work environment for all your associates?

  • If there was an injury in your department, was all of the paperwork completed including the Root Cause Analysis?

Neatness/Cleanliness in Work Area

  • 5 S Opportunities

  • 5-S Opportunities

  • Did last weeks 5 S opportunities get corrected?

  • 5 S Standards rating for the week.

  • Cleaning Opportuniies

  • Cleaning Opportunities

  • Did last weeks cleaning opportunities get completed?

  • Cleanliness store rating.

  • Are you and the team following the Green - Zero Waste Program?


  • Have you spent any time this week coaching and developing your team?

Old Business

  • Have you completed the action items from our last meeting?

New Business

  • New Business

  • #1. Action Item

  • #2. Action Item

  • #3. Action item

Best in Class

  • Great job!

  • I have reviewed the Weekly Business Review and I understand my role in executing the action items.

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