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  • Location: 131 - 3216 - WTP 5W NRP

  • Site Safety Walk Location

  • Date/Time:

  • Submitted by:

Site Entry / Boundaries *

  • BMD signs displays complete with contact phone number

  • Safety signs placed

  • Boundary fence maintained

  • Footpath clear of obstructions & trip hazards

  • Vehicle movements controlled

  • Traffic management in place

  • Traffic Controllers provided

  • Traffic barriers erected

Site Office, Crib Room, Other buildings

  • Presence of Industrial logos/insignia/pamphlets

  • Presence of industrial signs that seek to vilify or harass employees

  • Confirmed that all personnel information has been stored correctly

  • Undertake a visual risk assessment of potential hazards in all site buildings

  • Check office spaces for build-up of administration records around desks and on floors generally

  • Check office spaces for build-up of archive boxes or similar that could cause a trip hazard or potential strain with manual handling

  • Check office spaces for exposed cables that could present a trip hazard

  • Check for correct storage of cleaning equipment in washrooms/toilets

  • Check for adequate steps into buildings

  • Check for safe hot water facilities

  • Check toilets are clean and stocked with hand cleanser, towels and toilet paper

Compound *

  • Ammenities are clean

  • No trip hazards in compound

  • Stockpiles clearly defined

  • General waste removed

  • Construction waste removed

  • Drinking water provided

  • Electrical equipment tested & tagged

Excavations & Trenches

  • Permits to excavate all current

  • Services Control Plan displayed in the site office

  • Unattended holes barricaded

  • Benching & shoring of trenches over 1mt

  • Ladders provided and in good order

  • Dewatering required

  • Helmets worn in trench

Lifting Objects

  • Chains tested& tagged (12mths)

  • Crane used with Dogger

  • Workers standing clear of load

Working at Heights Above 2mt * (Bridges, retaining walls, large culvert, etc)

  • Ladders tied off

  • Scaffold checked

  • Edge protection provided

  • Harness supplied and used

  • Elevated work platforms are on stable ground & locked off

  • Workers standing clear of load

Hazardous Chemicals

  • Check that Spill Kits are complete in accordance with the contracts list

  • Visual check that all fuel tanks adequately bundled and stored in appropriate containers

  • Visual check that site is free from contamination from spillage of oil/fuel after maintenance of equipment

Confined Spaces *

  • Risk assessment complete

  • Worker training provided

  • Entry permits used

  • Gas detectors used

  • Tripod & harness proved

  • Other PPE provided

Air Quality and Dust Control *

  • Visual check that water cart in use to Control dust generation

  • Visual check that dust generation is not excessive (Subjective assessment)

  • Visual check that completed areas has been landscaped

Waste Management *

  • Visual check that waste & rubbish being disposed of appropriately

  • Visual check on surrounding area for signs of escaped rubbish and waste

Water Quality / Erosion and Sediment Control *

  • Visual inspection to ensure Control structures installed as per ESCP

  • Visual inspection to ensure Control structures have not less than 70% max capacity

  • Visual check of water courses for obvious changes in water quality (eg, oily films, colour, clarity)

  • Hydro-mulching/landscaping applied in a timely fashion after completion of an area of work

  • Latest Rainfall Event:


  • Cultural *

  • Visual check for evidence do previously unrecorded aboriginal or early European activities


  • Check vegetation to be retained is protected

  • Check fauna spotter on-site during clearing

  • Check for weeds and pests

Subcontractors *

  • Check all controls are in place and working safely

  • Work method statements

  • Workers Comp received

  • Public liability received

General *

  • First Aid Kit up to date

  • Inductions for all workers

  • Emergency procedures established & staff trained

  • All workers wearing vests and boots

  • Emergency numbers displayed

  • Adequate PPE available

  • Safety Plan on site

  • Previous Weekly Checks conducted and proposed actions complete ( check last sheet)

  • Incident investigations conducted where necessary

  • Fire Extinguishers within test date (6monthly)

General Comments

  • Actions to confirm

  • Compiled by BMD Rep:

  • Subcontractor Rep:

  • Copy to:

  • Dated:

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