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Weekly Team Leader Service Finance Inspection

Records of financial transactions:

  • Are receipts available for all purchases, are they clearly cross referenced (numbered) against the cash sheets, and are they stored securely?

  • Do the cash sheets add up correctly, with any amendments/alterations signed and dated and a discrepancy form (TBC) completed?

  • Does the balance of the tin match the balance on the cash sheet? If Tamper Seals are used does the number of the seal match the number on the cash sheet?

  • As seal number check been documented daily on the app?


  • Have additional events been agreed?

  • Are all finance records stored securely, in date order and no records missing or lost since the last inspection?

  • Are all cash tins, money wallets, safes, bank cards and cheque books secure?

  • If there was a financial discrepancy in the last week, has it been reported according to the error, investigated fully and resolved?

  • Has the level of cash held on site, stayed below the agreed safe amount?

People we Support:

  • If there has been a change in a person’s support need or a cause for concern, such as errors made by the person, money missing, excessive expenditure, has that person’s capacity around managing money been reviewed along with the processes to support them?

  • Where required, does everyone have an up to date Inventory of Possessions?

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