• Well name

  • Wellsite inspection

  • Completions Personal completing inspection

  • Location:
  • Lease sign:

  • Scouted for rig

  • Select date

Present for inspection

  • Civils

  • Enviromental

  • Disconections

  • Completions

Lease Information

  • Is handover on site?

  • Is this a pad lease

  • Is the lease MDL

  • Is grading required?

  • Is slashing required?

  • Are access road repairs required?

  • Is there fencing around the lease?

  • Are overhead powerlines present?<br>

  • Other information

Production Facilities

  • Disconnection required?

  • Production facilities disconnection information

Wellhead info

  • Tubing (psi):

  • Casing (psi):

  • SCasing (psi):

  • Do cellar covers fit?

  • Is there a GE tag on the WH?

  • Is a spacer spool required?

  • Is there cable in the well?

  • Is blue metal required in cellar?

  • Cellar depth (m):

  • Photos

  • Other information


  • Are all bunding around pits and turkeys nest intact?

  • Level of water in turkeys nest

  • Turkeys nest

  • Level of water in flare pit

  • Flare pit

  • Level of water in second sump

  • Second sump

  • Other information

Additional lease photos

  • Add media

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