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  • Personnel

Operator Safety Information

  • Has the operator been trained or refreshed within the last two years?

  • Is there a copy of the operators certificate in their training file?

  • Has the operator signed an authorisation to operate form, renewable annually?

  • Is the operator aware of the correct fault reporting procedures?

  • Has the operator certification and authorisation to operate records been checked?

  • Date of training or refresher course?

  • Date of company written authorisation?

Truck Information

  • Truck Type?

  • Make?

  • Model?

  • Serial Number?

  • Capacity?

  • Motive power?

  • Attachments?

Visual checks

  • Carriage pate Is the safety data information plate attached and legible?

  • Load handling device (forks, clamp, etc)?

  • Backrest extension?

  • Mast?

  • Mast rollers & slides?

  • Lift chains?

  • Chain pulleys?

  • Hydraulic rams?

  • Hydraulic cables?

  • Wheels?

  • Tyres?

  • All round external condition?

  • Counterweight?

  • Has the key been removed when the lift truck is unattended?

  • Operators position?

  • Operators seat & seat restraint?

  • LPG cylinder (LPG powered truck)?

Operational Safety Checks

  • Starting procedure (engine truck)?

  • Starting procedure (electric truck)?

  • Starting procedure (LPG truck)?

  • Lights?

  • Audible warning system?

  • All hydraulic systems?

  • Driving operation (no play in the steering)?

  • Foot brake function?

  • Park brake function?

  • Is the lift truck In a safe operational condition?


  • Operators signature.

  • Safety officer signature.

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