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1 Flight Ops Manual

  • 1 .1 Is there a FOM?

  • 1.2 Is the FOM approved by the DCA?

  • 1.3 Is the organizational responsibilities indicated in the FOM up to date?

  • 1.4 Is there a Drug and Alcohol Policy in place?

  • 1.5 Are there random tests being done regarding Drugs and Alcohol?

  • 1.6 Is there a sterile cockpit policy in place?

  • 1.7 Is there a go-around policy in FOM?

  • 1.8 Is there a stabilized approach and procedures policy in FOM?

  • 1.9 Is Bush Jepp up to date and accessible to pilots?

  • 1.10 Are the Jeppesen Manuals up to date?

  • 1.11 is there a designated person to do these updates?

2 Air Crew

  • 2.1 Is the Air Crew composition, the minimum qualifications & experience requirements for contract clients detailed in the FOM?

  • 2.2 Do you have a record of Crew qualifications and experience levels?

  • 2.3 Are pilots trained in Dangerous Goods/ CRM?

  • 2.4 Do you have an induction system?

  • 2.5 Is the list checked and ticked off?

  • 2.6 Are Crew Flight and Duty times being controlled?

  • 2.7 Flight time limits/Duty time limits / Days off / Standby days etc. - as approved by DCA being followed?

  • 2.8 Is it compulsory for pilots to report if they exceed their FDP?

  • 2.9 Do they report?

  • 2.10 Is there enough crew available to meet client requirements?

3 Flight Training and Checking

  • 3.1 Do you have records of OPC'S and Line/Route Checks?

  • 3.2 Do you have Technical Refreshers?


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