• ▪️To record observation/finding tap on the question box to open a text field.
    ▪️Include action taken and defect number if applicable.

🔽 Content 🔽

  • Check shadow board is complete, red seals are available and tools are stored in designated location as per illustration.

  • List serial numbers for the following tools below and cross reference with serial numbers listed on calibration spreadsheet. (Spreadsheet is controlled by stores and shared with trolley owner and inspectors via One Drive)

  • Large Torque Wrench

  • Small Torque Wrench

  • TPG

  • Inflator

  • Note - If any tools located in the trolley do not correspond to the calibration spreadsheet contact stores immediately.

🔽 Condition 🔽

  • Check trolley is available in a clean condition and tools are free from obvious damage.

  • Ensure shadow board storage boxes and holder clips are free from damage.

🔽 Serviceability 🔽

  • Ensure wheel trolley, aircraft jack, wheel dolly and nitrogen bottle have legible, in date, serviceable tags attached.

  • Ensure torque wrenches, TPG and inflator have legible, in date calibration stickers.

  • Carry out a manual check of torque wrench calibration using wrench testing unit and record the serial number of the testing unit used.

  • Testing unit serial number:

  • Ensure grease tins and locking wire have legible, in date, release labels.

🔽 Action Report 🔽

  • Review previous weeks action report. Check defects have been completed and any outstanding defects are transferred to this weekly inspection.

  • Additional comments or ongoing defects to carry forward:

Completion signoff Name and signature required

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  • Note:
    ▪This audit must be carried out in accordance with work instruction MA-FI-1-8-WI.1. It is the responsibility of the trolley owner to ensure completed audit forms are filed in the appropriate satellite office folder.

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