• Does this business sell woodheaters?

4012 Plate Info

4012:2014 plate info

  • Photo of the compliance plate

  • Plate is permanently attached

  • Marking is easily visible

  • Plate contains Name of manufacturer/ distributor

  • Distributor

  • Plate contains Unique serial number

  • Serial number

  • Plate contains model name/number

  • Plate contains Woodheater type

  • Does the unit have a catalytic combustor

  • Model and serial number of combustor

4012 Fuel Plates Info

  • 8.3 Fuel Types - Plate contains words 'BURN ONLY' followed by specified fuel types

  • Letters are >= 3mm in height

  • Is 'BURN ONLY' fuel type wording visible when opening the fuel loading door

  • Photo of 'BURN ONLY' fuel plate

  • Does the wood heater have a retesting exemption?

  • Please add for each fuel type
  • Fuel type

  • Plate contains the words 'MAXIMUM AVERAGE HEAT OUTPUT BURNING' followed by the fuel type

  • Average power in kW

  • Is the average power displayed followed by 'kW'

  • Plate contains the words 'OVERALL AVERAGE EFFICIENCY BURNING' followed by the fuel type

  • Is the efficiency >= 55%

  • What is the efficiency ?

  • Average efficiency is a percentage followed by the symbol '%'

  • Are all specified fuel types accounted for

  • Plate contains words 'When tested in accordance with AS/NZS 4012'

  • Is there written evidence of this exemption from NATA or IANZ accreditted testing agency that provides details of the changes made to the appliance detailed opinion as to why such changes or alternatives would not be expexcted to result in an increase in the original emission results? (Please provide evidence in notes)

4013 Plate Info

  • Plate contains words'TESTED TO AS/NZS 4013:2014

  • Letters are >=3mm in height

  • Plate contains the emission report number, number:

  • Plate contains the emission factor in g/kg, factor

  • Emission factor letters >=3mm

  • Plate contains name and addres of testing agency

  • Name of testing agency as displayed on plate

  • Address of testing agency as displayed on plate

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