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Work at Height, Roof Access and BMU Permit

  • Centre/Location:

  • Date

  • Company Name:

  • Permit Receiver & Phone Number

  • Description of Work

  • Location of Work:

  • Permit Issuer Name:

  • Vicinity Centres Position:

Work At Height

  • Appropriate SWMS or risk assessment in place

  • Ladder use is appropriately addressed by SMWS or other risk assessment documentation

  • Demonstrated appropriate competency for use of fall restraint/arrest equipment

  • Fall restraint/arrest equipment inspected prior to use e.g. equipment tagged or log books available

  • Anchor points have been inspected/tested and tagged (current)

  • Rescue plan in place where fall arrest equipment is in use, including spotter

  • High risk license in place for boom type EWP that extends > 11m

  • Controls in place for potential falling objects e.g. tools tethered, barricading, spotter, catch platform, signage

  • Barricades/signs in place to control access to mobile plant e.g. EWPs

  • Spotter in place for use of EWP

  • Scaffolds > 4m erected and dismantled by a licensed person

  • Voids, skylights, penetrations adequately protected and signposted

Roof Access

  • Appropriate SWMS or other risk assessment documentation in place

  • Communication protocols included in SWMS or other risk assessment documentation

  • Appropriate keys obtained

  • Radio frequency radiation plan/manual reviewed and understood

  • Roof Safety Audit Report reviewed and understood

Additional Permits Required

  • Hot Work

  • Excavations and Penetrations

  • Critical Lift

  • Fire System Impairment

  • Confined Space Entry

Permit Approval

  • Copy of SWMS or risk assessment attached?

  • This permit is valid from: Start date & Time

  • This permit is valid till: Expiry date & Time

  • I understand the permit requirements and the controls specified will be implemented and monitored for effectiveness throughout the works:

  • Permit Receiver:

  • Permit Issuer:

Permit Close Out

  • I have checked the worksite and confirm that all persons and tools are accounted for and that the site has been made safe:

  • Date & Time

  • Permit Receiver:

  • Permit Issuer:

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