• Document No.

  • Department

  • Location

  • Equipment Name

  • Equipment ID Number

  • Conducted on

Power and controls

  • Is the power cabinet locked or interlocked?

  • Are all controls clearly marked?

  • Are all 'stop' / 'emergency stop' controls working?


  • Are all dangerous moving parts guarded?

  • Are all gaps in guards as small as practicable?

  • Are guards of sound material and strength?

  • Do guards have secure fastenings?

  • Is visibility good through clear guards?

  • Are all interlocks working?

  • Are all light beams working?

  • Are all 'hold to run' / '2 handed' controls working?

  • Are jigs and / or push sticks used?


  • Are warning signs present?

  • Are all lights and visual devices working?

  • Are all audible devices working?

  • Are safe systems of work posted in the area?

  • Action taken as a result of this inspection

  • Auditor Signature

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