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All personnel conducting this work MUST be made aware of these methods of control at Toolbox meetings and / or pre start meetings before work commences, with on-site enforcement by the Site Supervisor. Site Supervisor: Name __________________________ Date _________________

Council Details Council ABN - 24 310 025 910

Construction Site Address: __________________________________________________________________________

Planned High Risk Activity: General sewerage system maintenance inspection covering the following work activities - repairing sewer blockages, CCTV inspections, high pressure water sewer cleaning, manhole inspections, inflow infiltration investigations. This WMS covers the above duties at sites located within council or private property, road reserves or high traffic areas but where the duration of the work is less than 30 minutes


Controls & Implementation

Pre Start Meeting Required to ensure that all staff are fully aware of the scope of work before work commences.

  • Has a pre start meeting been conducted?

  • Have all staff undertaken WH&S induction?

Task Hazard / Risk & Method of Control TRAFFIC CONTROL - Routine maintenance (30 minutes duration) - Before any work commences, establish traffic control (road signs, traffic cones, barriers) to protect staff while on-site) if major or prolonged work tasks are planned (excess of 30 minutes) contract traffic controllers are to be employed. INSPECTIONS - Before work starts at each site a competent person or site supervisor will inspect: - That traffic control has been established - That staff have the required PPE and high visability clothing suitable to the task. - All machinery (plant) being used has been inspected and is safe for the purpose for which it is provided. - All operators licenses have been sited.

  • Has traffic control been established?

  • Are staff equipped with the correct PPE for the task (including high visability clothing)?

  • Has all machinery been inspected and deemed safe to use for the purpose it is provided?

  • Have all operators licenses been sited?

PEDESTRIAN CONTROL: - Establish and maintain pedestrian control barriers where applicable. - Remove all possible trip hazards.

  • Have pedestrian control barriers been established?

  • Have all trip hazards been removed?

WORK TASKS - HAZARDS - RISKS & METHODS OF CONTROL. - Work tasks: Manhole inspections and repairs, CCTV inspections, High pressure sewer flushing, Inflow infiltration investigations, Flow monitoring, Service locations. Methods of Control: - Manhole covers should be lifted using approved lifting devices. - Barricade all open manhole covers to prevent tripping and falling. - Where applicable, harnesses and restraining lifelines are to be used to protect employees from falling into manholes. - All machinery is to be kept within the barricaded area. - No person is to enter a manhole, if entry is required confined space entry procedures are to be followed. - Where high pressure cleaning equipment is being used, signage to indicate this activity is to be established.

  • Is the correct/approved manhole cover lifting equipment being used?

  • Are barricades in place to prevent trips and falls?

  • Are harnesses or restraining lifelines required to protect employees from falling into manholes?

  • Is all machinery within the barricaded area?

  • Does the task involve confined space entry into manholes?

  • Has signage been established to indicate high pressure cleaning equipment is being used?

REVIEW OF WORK METHOD STATEMENT - This WMS has been reviewed for this particular construction project. Review Date: ___/___/___ Next Review: ___/___/___

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