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  • Has the work request & OHS requirements been completed and followed?

  • Is a Construction Safety Plan in place? (requirement for all works projects of $250,000)

  • Is the Construction Safety Plan being followed by construction crews?

  • Are Safe Work Method Statements in place and available?

  • Are the Safe Work Method Statement's dated, signed and being followed?

  • Is a Traffic Management Plan in place & appropriate for job site?

  • Is a Traffic Management Plan for long term sites signed and approved?

  • Are induction records in place, signed and understood?

  • Do all persons have available White/Blue card, and other relevant High Risk Work Licenses? (Scaffold, dogger, rigger)

  • Is a Hazmat register (folder), MSDS & Risk Assessments in place and within 5 years?

  • Are work permits in place? (Confined Space/Hot Work/Isolation Lock Out)


  • Is the applicable signage in place? (Construction site, No unauthorised entry, SDS, SWL/WLL, Forklift, Racking weight)

  • Are blue PPE advisory signs in place, legible and relevant for site?

  • Dangerous goods placarding in place and relevant to site?

  • Is Traffic Control/Management signage in place and applicable?

Common Plant & Rescue Equipment

  • Is scaffolding approved for use and displaying a scaf tag or similar?

  • Is tri-pod, davit arm and or winch in good condition and tagged?

  • Are harnesses, lanyards or slings in good condition and been tested, tagged and current?

  • Are ladders in good condition, been inspected by a competent person and appropriate for task?


  • Are electrical leads and power tools in test date (3 monthly for construction)?

  • Evidence of RCD'S been tested and in date?

  • Electrical leads and power boxes not causing trip hazards?

Emergency Management & First Aid

  • Is a first aid kit in place and in order?

  • Are emergency procedures/plan in place and updated?

  • Is an evacuation diagram in place, orientated correctly and legible?

  • Are extinguisher(s) in place and are they tested and tagged (6 monthly)?

Equipment - Small plant eg: whacker packer, generator etc

  • Is small plant in good condition and fit for use?

  • Are safety labels attached to plant and legible?

  • Are operating manuals available for relevant plant?

  • Is there evidence of regular maintenance of plant?

Guarding, Safety Devices and Trench Safety

  • Are trench safety measure in place? i.e. Batter/Bench/Shoring/Geo Technical

  • Are plant/machinery guards in place and operational?

  • Are barriers in place that meet relevent building/construction site standards?

Other issues as found?

  • Describe issue

  • Identified issue
  • Description of issue:

  • Results of other issue/s

Audit sign off & date

  • Auditor

  • Contractor

  • Task Observation - Check-box to show or hide all items

Task Observation

  • If a SWMS is in place, is it being followed?

  • Is the SWMS applicable to task being completed?

  • Are the the hazards & controls within the SWMS understood by the work crew?

  • Is manual handling an issue for this observed task/s and if so, are they being managed according to best practice?

  • Any improvements suggested to aid task? (Mechanical aids etc)

  • When using plant can the operator demonstrate sound knowledge of safety features and maintenance requirements?

  • Rectifications - Check-box to show or hide all items


  • Is a Work Improvement or Stop Work Notice required - If so complete and provide notice to work unit/contractor

  • Add rectification/s

  • Rectification/s
  • Please add recommended Rectification/control

  • Please sign off and add date on completion of recommended Rectifications/controls

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