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1. What type of facility is being inspected?

  • 1. Operating Landfill; 2. Transfer Station; 3. Resource Recovery Centre; 4. Closed Landfill

2. Nuisance Control

  • Is wind blown litter causing a nuisance on the site and to adjoining properties?

  • Was an odour detectable on the site at the time of inspection?

  • Was the odour detectable beyond the boundaries of the site?

  • Was dust control required at the time of the inspection?

  • Is there evidence of dust control being applied?

  • Was the excessive noise evident beyond the site boundaries?

  • Is there evidence of pest & vermin presence on the site?

  • Is additional pest management required?

  • Rate the delivery of the contractor's nuisance management.

3. Storm water & Erosion Control

  • Are recently exposed areas adequately stabilised?

  • Is there evidence of batter erosion?

  • Is maintenance being being carried out in the SW drains i.e. de-silting?

  • Does the HES basin require any attention?

  • Is there sufficient flocculant in the HIgh Efficiency Sedimentation Basin dosing tank?

  • Where any storm water discharge samples taken and why?

  • Rate the contractor's storm water & erosion management.

4. Safety

  • Was a visual inspection carried out for potential hazards to customers & staff?

  • We're all contractors' staff wearing & using PPE?

  • Did any reportable incidents occur since the previous inspection?

  • Have the necessary reports been lodged and the investigation completed?

  • Have all remedial actions resulting from the investigation been implemented?

  • Rate contractor compliance for Work Place Health & Safety

5. Working face.

  • Is the size of the landfill working face in accordance with the development approval?

  • Is the working face graded & bunded to reduce the inflow storm water?

  • Is there evidence of night cover being applied?

  • Is the volume of night cover in accordance with the developing approval?

  • Are the catch fences appropriately positioned and effective?

  • Rate the contractor's level of compliance with the DA conditions

6. Regulated waste management

  • Is the hazardous area being operated according to the required standards?

  • Rate the contractor's performance in managing Hazardous Household Waste.

7.General services

  • Is a service required by the metal recovery contractor?

  • Is a service required by the concrete crushing contractor?

  • Is a service required by the green waste mulching contractor?

  • Is a service required by the hazardous waste contractor?

  • Is a service required by the refrigerant gas contractor?

  • Is a service required by the scrap tyre contractor?

  • Is a service required by the recovered oil contractor?

  • Is a service required by the timber transport contractor?

8. Environmental

  • Is there evidence of any leachate seeps?

  • Is any environmental monitoring required as as result of this inspection i.e. leachate or turbid discharge.

  • Has this discharge been reported to the regulating authority?

  • Is their any action recommended to ensure environmental compliance?

  • Down load weather station data for Site Based Management Plan update?

  • Does the sorting pad's dirty storm water tank require servicing?

  • Is access to the ground water bores clear of vegetation?

  • Are the bore cap locks operable?

  • Rate the environmental compliance.

9. Stockpiles & Hardstands

  • Are the stockpiles being adequately managed?

  • Is there any contamination in the stockpiles that needs to be removed?

  • Do any hardstand pads require maintenance?

  • Are bunds within the hardstand areas maintained & adequate?

  • Is water leaching from the stockpiles and being adequately managed?

  • Rate the management of the stockpiles & Hardstand areas

10. General amenity

  • Does the batter grass require mowing?

  • Is weed control required on the site?

  • Are any trees touching electricial supply lines?

  • Do the access roads require maintenance or repairs?

  • Does any signage need attention or replacement?

  • Is the integrity of the perimeter fence adequate?

11. Commodities

  • Approximately how much crushed concrete is on hand?

  • Approximately how much single grind mulch is on hand?

  • Approximately how much double grind mulch is on hand?

  • Approximately how much ground timber is on hand?

12. Miscellanous

  • Is the site evacuation alarm testing up to date?

  • Is the weighbridge emergency generator testing up to date?

  • Is there leachate flow meter reading required?

13. Next inspection

  • 7 days; 14 days; 1 month; 3 months; 6 months

  • Select date

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