Title Page

  • Audit Title

  • Business name

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • PN

  • Address
  • Principal activity

  • Personnel interviewed

  • Size of property

  • Owner/operator

Environmental Management

  • Does the premises/operation have any of the following in place?

  • Current Development Approvals

  • Property Management Plan

  • Environmental Management System

  • If yes can copies be obtained during inspection?

  • If no, are any of the above:

  • Recommended by the Industry?

  • Required by law?

  • Likely to be of benefit to the business?

  • Details:

  • Does the property owner/manager hold licences with any of the following?

  • NSW EPA EPL (water, noise, air ect)

  • Council (trade waste, ossm etc)

  • NSW Office of Water (irrigation, water etc)

  • Workcover (white card, dangerous goods etc)

  • Other:

  • Comments:

Water quality management

Water quality management

  • Onsite Sewage Management

  • Does the business discharge to an onsite sewage management system (OSSM)?

  • Does the system have a current approval to operate?

  • Is the system operating satisfactorily?

  • If not what problems are noted?

  • Photo

  • Management of sediment, erosion and litter

  • Is there visual evidence of erosion hazards on site? E.g. Steep or unstable slopes, cleared drainage lines, bare unprotected earth.

  • Does the property/business have a plan to control runoff, erosion, sediment and litter on site?

  • Is there visual evidence of natural features such as drainage lines, water bodies and existing vegetation being retained (or revegetated) around the property?

  • Is water diverted from the property held in storage dams for later use in irrigation?

  • Photo

  • Is stockpile material

  • Located away from drainage lines?

  • Minimal in number and size?

  • Built with slope greater than 2:1?

  • Stored in an appropriate area?

  • Held on a hardened surface?

  • Covered?

  • Comments:

  • Photo

  • Are internal pathways and roadways stabilised to control erosion?

  • Is vegetation or other means used to cover bare soil at all times?

  • Does the site have established vegetation or stabilised buffer zones to creeks and waterways?

  • Is yes provide details:

  • Photo

Drainage management - stormwater/irrigation

Drainage Management - stormwater/irrigation

  • Where is stormwater from the property diverted to?

  • Open channel or watercourse?

  • Watercourse:

  • Dam?

  • Bushland?

  • Pasture?

  • Storage tanks/absorption trenches?

  • Artificial wetland?

  • Comments on any recommended improvements to prevent environmental impacts?

  • Are buffer zones established to filter stormwater/surface water runoff before it enters any of the above?

  • If yes provide details:

  • Photo

Water storage dams

Water storage dams

  • Are water storage dams constructed on site?

  • Are the dams fenced and stock access limited?

  • What alternative water supplies exist on site?

  • Comments:

  • Photo

Waste management

Waste management

  • Where possible are wastes reused or recycled ? Comments:

  • Are wastes disposed of on site at an approved waste management facility?

  • If yes please specify facility:

  • Are wastes stored in a manner to prevent the escape of pollutants to the environment?

  • Is any waste disposed of on site?

  • If yes, provide details of materials and locations:

  • Is any waste incinerated on site?

  • If yes, provide details:

  • Comments:

  • Photo

Air quality management

Air quality management

  • Does the business generate any of the following?

  • Smoke

  • Dust particles

  • Odours/fumes/vapours/steam?

  • Is there a need for air quality controls on the property?

  • Is air pollution likely to be a problem on this property?

  • Comments:

  • Photo

Site Contamination

Site Contamination

  • Is there any evidence of contamination on the site?

  • If yes, provide details:

  • Has any remediation (clean-up) been undertaken in the past, or is it planned for the future?

  • Comments:

  • Does the condition of the facility represent a hazard to the environment or human health and safety?

  • If yes, what type of remediation is proposed?

  • Is the property on Council's contaminated land register?

  • Details:

  • Photo

  • Additional comments:

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