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Risk Assessment and control measures.

  • Has a risk assessment been done and approved?

  • Is a permit to work in place?

  • Have potential or existing hazards been identified and the risks assessed of anyone falling from heights?

  • Have alternative ways of carrying out the work been considered?

  • Have all practical steps been taken to prevent falls?

  • Is the ladder appropriate for the task or would another device such as a platform ladder/scaffold/elevated work platform be more appropriate?

  • Can three points of contact be maintained when using a ladder?

  • Are fall injury prevention systems required and in place?

  • Where anchor points are used to attach lanyards, are these approved?

  • Has it been assessed whether a fall will be arrested before hitting the ground /other structure?

  • Is there a risk of falling objects striking people below?

  • Is a rescue plan required and in place?

  • Are the weather conditions appropriate for the work being carried out?

  • Are the workers competent for the task?

  • Has fall prevention equipment been inspected?

Safe access and agrees.

  • Has the scaffold been tagged and inspected?

  • Are toe boards in place on the scaffolding?

  • Are walkways in good condition and free from obstructions?

Information , instruction and training.

  • Have employees been trained on working at heights?

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