• Audit Title

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Personnel

Risk Assessments

    Risk Assessment
  • What are they

  • When was it written / reviewed ?

  • Is it within the last 12 months ?

Manual Handling

    Manual Handling Assessments
  • What is the role ?

  • When was it created / reviewed ?

  • Has it been reviewed in the last 12 months


  • Is there a matrix indicating who should be trained on a particular chemical ?

  • Are secondary containers appropriately labeled ?

  • Name of Employee and substance using

  • Is there evidence of training on the chemical ?

Toolbox talks

  • Have 10 or more toolbox talks been delivered in the last calender month ?

  • Has fire evacuation been delivered in the last year? ( No 38 )

  • Has Manual Handling been delivered in the last year? ( No 9 )

  • Has slips trips and falls been delivered in the last year? ( No 21 )

  • Has Noise been delivered in the last year? (No 17)

  • Has pedestrian activities been delivered in the last year? ( No 24 )

  • Has COSHH been delivered in the last year? ( No 26 )


  • Does the section have a training matrix?

  • Does the training matrix show levels of competancy ?

  • Employee & Task

  • Is there documentary proof to support the declared competancy status?<br>

  • Has the employee had the task Risk Assessment briefed in the last 2 years ?

Employee behaviour

  • Employee Name

  • Machine / process running

  • Hearing protection being worn correctly?

  • Eye protection being worn

  • Safety footwear being worn

  • Can the employee explain the purpose of the Lock Out / TAg Out process?

  • Can the employee demonstrate how to Lock Out / Tag Out ?

  • Has the machine been checked before use ( evidence the daily safety sign off sheet )

  • Can the employee explain the main risks associated with the activity?

  • Good manual handling pratice evedent ?

Machine Safety

  • Machine ?

  • Lock out / tag out sign ?

  • Hearing protection sign ?

  • Eye protection sign ?

  • Guards in place ?

  • Risk assessment for the machine available ?

  • Controls with legible writing ?

  • Push sticks closely available and in good condition?


  • Evacuation plan displayed showing all relevant escape routes and roll call point?

  • Fire exinguisher station identification

  • Extinguishers in place, clearly marked for type of fire?

  • Extinguisher serviced in the last 12 months?

  • When ?

  • Has extinguisher been departmentally checked in the last month?

  • When was the last time?

  • Extinguishers clear of obstructions?

  • Adequate direction notices for fire exits?

  • Fire exits easily opened from inside?

  • Exits clear of obstructions?

  • Other than at workstations is the section clear of flammable substances ?

Machines with Ajustable Guards

  • First Machine

  • All adjustable guards properly set? (photo)

  • Second Machine

  • All adjustable Guards Set properly? (photo)

  • Third Machine

  • All adjustable guards set properly? (photo)

Emergency proceedures

  • Emergency lighting operable?

  • All lights working?

  • Emergency proceedures by the office telephone ?

Building Safety

  • Floor surface even and uncluttered

  • Entry and walkways clear

  • Walkways clearly and adequately marked?

  • No unattended splls?

Work Benches

  • Clear of rubbish / clutter ?

  • No damaged hand tools ?

  • No damaged power tools ?

  • Evidence of 5s workplace organisation throughout area ?


  • Bins not full?

  • No rubbish under stairs or under machines?

  • Good segragation of waste streams ?


  • Evidence of systematic racking inspection in area?

  • Evidence of racking repair?

  • Dramaged racking isolated ?


  • Machine inspected?

  • Emergency stop works?

  • No double adaptors in use?

  • Portable equipment tested and tagged ?

  • No broken plugs, sockets or switches ?

  • No trailing leads ?

  • No frayed or damaged leads?

  • No access to live circuits ?

  • Cabinets properly locked and electrical hazard danger symbol displayed ?

  • Adequate access to switch gear ?

  • Wiring from disconected plant properly terminated ?


  • Ladders in area a minimum of EN131 ?

  • Are ladders in good condition?

  • Evidence of pre use checks ?

  • Evidence of periodic checks ?

  • Ladders tagged and on ladder register ?

First Aid

  • Are there enough first aiders on shift ? 1 for every 50 employees

  • First aid supplies sufficient and in date?

  • Eye wash stations full and in date ?

  • First aiders identified on the notice board ?

  • HSE Poster displayed

Fork lift truck

  • Fork lift truck driver

  • Driver wearing lap belt restraint?

  • Evidence of truck shift signed off ?

  • Driving standard ?

  • Good use of horn and slowing down at doorways?

Working at height

  • Any work at height during the audit?

  • If yes then why is it happening?

  • Is the working being supervised?

  • Are the operatives trained?

  • Comments


  • Does the area need to use knives?

  • If so what safety type are they?

  • Is there a reason why safety knives are not being used?


    Additional comments
  • Add media

  • Auditor

  • Group Manager

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