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Fire safety

  • Fire exits and gangways clear?

  • Fire alarms and extinguishers obvious and unobstructed?

  • Date on fire extinguishers

  • Fire doors shut?

  • Are battery charging areas tidy and unobstructed?

Work equipment

  • Pre-shift guarding checks completed?

  • All guarding in place?

  • Guarding in good condition (no cracks or holes)?

Personal Protective Equipment (take photos)

  • Appropriate PPE in use: e.g. Safety shoes, goggles, gloves, high-viz jackets, hard hats, ear protection.

  • PPE storage: equipment identified and stored correctly (trimmer gloves/battery charging PPE)

  • Eye protection worn in granulation area?

  • High vis jackets available at entry to warehouse?

  • Eye protection worn around marked machine areas?


  • Work area environment: floor sound, no trip hazards, trailing cables, purge, etc.

  • All gangways clear?

  • Safety notices defective/defaced?

  • Are chemicals stored correctly and all containers labelled? Tool boxes free of clutter?

  • Is lighting adequate?

  • Badly stacked/ stored materials (bags/pallets)

  • Granulation room free of spillages and excessive dust?

Working practices

  • Hazard reporting system in place – pick 1 person to demonstrate (name):

  • Is he/ she familiar with fire and first aid procedures?

  • Training in place for task performed. (Pick person- name):

  • All designated SWP completed – pick one person (see Shift Leader)?

  • Tools / equipment stored correctly and safely?

Contractors: audit only if contractors are on site

  • Contractors booked in / wearing ID badge?

  • Risk assessment completed / method statement completed/ Permits raised?

  • Contractor received induction training?

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