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  • Prepared by

  • Location


  • Progress through the following sections, answering each question. When an item is non-compliant, be sure to add notes and photos as evidence.


  • Work areas are free from hazards?

  • Storage areas are free from hazards?

  • Aisles/work areas are kept clear of any slip/trip hazards?

  • Emergency equipment (eyewash, fire extinguishers) is constantly accessible.

  • Emergency routes and emergency doors are kept clear of any item and fully accessible?

  • Tools are appropriately stored?

Safety Signage

  • Signs indicating required Personal Protective Equipments are in place.

  • Signs indicating eyewash/safety shower, emergency exits, fire extinguishers, etc. are in place?


  • Maintenance areas are properly identified and protected?

Hand Protection

  • Gloves are used as required?

Eye/face Protection

  • Safety goggles or face shield are used as required?

Hearing protection

  • Ear protections is used in identified high noise areas?

Tools, Equipment and Machines

  • Appropriate safety guards are in place?<br>.

Overall Notes

  • What is the overall condition of the workplace?

  • Enter any general findings or comments

  • Are any safety concerns present that require immediate attention?

  • Ensure all safety issues are noted in the audit above, with associated corrective actions created


  • Log below any examples of excellent work practices that were noted on this safety walk.

  • Good Work Practice
  • Team Member Name

  • Good work practice:

Sign Off

  • I declare that the audit above was conducted and completed accurately.

  • Full name and signature of auditor

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