Entry/Exit Driveways of carparks

  • Is the "Height Clearance bar in good condition and clearly marked

  • Are the roller door/s free from damage & in good working order

  • Are the vehicle entry and exit driveways clear of obstruction and in good order

  • Is all entry/exit equipment in good working order including boom gates and ticket columns

  • Are the pedestrian entry/exit points unobstructed with no slip/trip hazards & hand rails or vehicle barriers in good condition?

  • Are the entry/exit intercoms functioning correctly

General Carpark

  • Where available, are additional "Height Clearance" bars/signage within the carpark in good condition and clearly marked?

  • Are "Low Clearance" signs used wherelow hanging equipment/points are identified?

  • Is the carpark free of leaks and water damage?

  • Is the ground surface in good condition and free from slip/trip hazards?

  • Is the site free from evidence of pest infestation? (e.g. birds, mice, cockroaches etc.)

  • Is the line marking in good condition (including directional arrows)

  • Are vehicle ramps clear from obstruction & line marking (where applicable) is in good condition?

  • Is all lightingin good working order with covers clean and secure?

  • Are speed humps in good condition?

  • Is the site free from rubbish or old equipment stored in the carpark?

  • Is the carpark free from grafitti & vandalism?

  • Are all bollards secured adequately with no bolts protruding?

  • Are all traffic islands, wheel stops and plinths clearly marked/highlighted in a different colour to ground surface?

  • Are all pillars in good condition?

  • Where convex mirrors are installed, are they in correct direction/angle, clean & in good condition?

  • Where Acrod bays are provided, is the ground surface clear from trip/slip hazards?

  • Where electrical switchboards are in the car park, are they clear of obsrtuction and locked?

  • Where carbon monoxide sensors are in place, are they operational?

ROOF TOPS - (N/A This whole section if no roof top onsite)

  • Is the rooftop free from fall hazards?

  • Is drainage functioning correctly?

  • Are all external gaurdrails/ballustrades in good condition?


  • Are stairs and access to stairwells free from obstructions & in good condition including anti slip treads?

  • Are handrails in stairwell in good condition?

  • Is the lighting in good working order?

  • Is the stairwell free from evidence of anti social behaviour?

  • If anti social loitering detterants are in place (e.g. UV lighting, high pitch noise) are they in good working order?

  • If the stairwell acts as an emergency exit, are all the doors & emergency lighting in good working order, and closed but not locked in direction of escape?

LIFT & LIFT LOBBY - (N/A all if no lifts present)

  • Is lighting in the lift and lift lobby in good working order and the floor free from slip/trip hazards?

  • If bins are provided in lift foyers, are the reasonably clear/empty?

  • Do lift doors close and cars meet the floor evenly (i.e. no risk of tripping when entering/exiting lift car)?

  • Is the lift call button connected?


  • Are workplace amenities accessable, clean, maintained & observed in good order?

  • Is lighting in good working order?


  • Are potable fire extinguishers available, unobstructed and appropriate to risk and have been tested in the previous 6 months?

  • Are other fire equipment i.e. alarms, FIP, detectors, sprinkler systems in good condition, unobstructed & tested as per AS requirements?

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