• Using latest Door Schedule/drawing/spec.?

  • Liner OK? (Visual inspection on arrival and during installation for damage.)

  • Protective geotextile underlayment installed OK? (check minimum weight of 330g/m², depending upon nature of substrate)

  • Substrates are clean, dry, and free from loose and foreign materials, oils and grease?

  • Debris removed from pond?


  • Fishmouths or wrinkles in the seam removed?

  • Tape is exposed between 5 and 15 mm?

  • Minimum overlap of 100 mm?

  • QuickPrime Plus is properly applied?

  • Tape to tape overlap is minimum 25 mm?

  • QuickSeam FormFlash has been applied over all tape to tape overlap edges?

  • All triple points and vertical joint patches installed?


  • Pig-ear is properly closed?

  • All bridging or fishmouths removed?

  • Corners OK? (Have not popped open, etc)

  • QuickSeam FormFlash OK? (is not overstretched, punctured or cut)

  • Are all exposed edges are sealed with Lap Sealant?

  • QuickSeam FormFlash at the bottom of the pipe OK? (ie. there is no bridging)

  • Both basic bottom pieces overlap 100 mm and have a minimum connection of 25 mm with the pipe?
    ; joints and mitres neat, tight and well sealed. All required sealants applied, neat, tidy and forming weather seal.)

  • The wrap piece has a connection of 50 mm at the base?

  • Check that there are no field seams under clamping ring?

  • There is Water Block between PondGard and flange?

  • All bolts are tightened properly?

  • PondGard is cut properly at inside of pipe?

  • Mechanical Anchoring; Water Block behind bar between substrate and PondGard is sealed with High Grade Sealant?

  • Termination bar is: Fastened 200 mm o.c. max; Not bent around corners; Spaced 5 mm between sections; fastened max. 25 mm from each end?

  • Photo Report

  • If all items have passed inspection and are ready for handover, please sign below.

  • Inspector's signature

  • WT Site Manager/Overseer's signature

  • Contractor's signature (optional)

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