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Condition of Premises

  • All walls, floors, shelves, fittings and furniture are in good repair and clean condition

  • Walls behind basin are durable, smooth, impervious to water and easily washed

  • Hot and cold water are available at wash basins

  • Adequate soap and disposable towels is available for personnel use

  • Shelves, fittings and furniture are durable, smooth, impervious to water and easily cleaned

  • Appliances and utensils are clean and in good repair

  • What method is used for keeping appliances and utensils cleaned?

  • What is the type of disinfectant used?

  • Is disinfectant hospital grade?

  • Waste receptacles are durable, smooth, impervious to water and easily cleaned

  • Are reusable towels changed frequently?

Staff and Customer Hygiene

  • Are staff and customer clothing clean and hazard free?

  • Are staff and customer skin free from contagious disease?

  • Do staff wash hands prior to each customer?

  • Do staff place utensils in pockets of clothing?

  • Is solid soap used to produce lather for shaving?

  • Is headrest protected for each customer?

  • Is smoking permitted in the salon?

  • Is wax discarded after use / between customers?

  • Are disposable sharps used for hair removal?

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