• WWHaikou Attractions Essentials Checklist 游乐设施基本检查清单

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Attractions Essentials Checklist 游乐设施基本检查清单

Issued by: Operations Manager 发布人:运营经理

Approved by: General Manager 批准人:总经理

Date Revised: March 2017 修订日期:2017年3月

Date to be Revised: December 2018 下次修订日期:2018年12月

Purpose: To list all learning outcomes involved when training an Operations team member on the Departmental Orientation and to document learning outcomes achieved. 目的: 列出运营部团队成员上岗培训的所有学习成果,并记录达到的学习成果。

Scope: This Checklist will be used to document all Operations team members that have been certified in the Departmental Orientation of the Operational Manual. 范围: 本清单用于记录符合部门上岗操作手册的所有运营部团队成员。

Reference Documents: Wet n Wild Haikou Attractions Essentials Manual / VRTP Team Member Conduct Standards 参考文件: 海口狂野水世界游乐设施基本手册/威秀主题公园团队成员行为标准

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Introduction / Qualifications and Training / Health & Safety 介绍 / 资格与培训 / 健康与安全

  • Team member has been informed and is aware of the following – <br>- The role of the Operations Department<br>- Understanding your job description<br>- Mission Statement & Core Values<br>- General Information <br>团队成员已知悉以下事项—— <br>- 运营部的作用<br>- 工作内容<br>- 使命声明与核心价值<br>- 一般信息 <br>Team member has been informed of the below responsibilities – <br>- Understands that it is the Aquatic Team Members responsibility to ensure all qualifications remain current<br>- All Aquatic Team Members are required to attend scheduled in-service training<br>团队成员已知悉以下职责—— <br>- 水上项目团队成员有责任确保所有资格处于有效期内<br>- 所有水上项目团队成员必须参与既定的在职培训<br>Team member has been informed and is aware of the following Health & Safety procedures – <br>- Evacuation procedures<br>- Location of Emergency Assembly points<br>- Safety procedures and reporting<br>团队成员已知悉以下健康与安全程序—— <br>- 疏散程序<br>- 紧急集合点的定位<br>- 安全程序与报告

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VRTP Expectations 威秀主题公园的期望

  • Team member has been informed and is aware of the following policies and procedures – <br>- VRTP Personal Presentation<br>- Kronos/Pay System<br>- Major Emergency (Medical & Non Medical) & ERT<br>- Park Facility Policy<br>- Rest Pause/Meal Break Periods/Rotation Procedures<br>- Environmental conditions and hours<br>团队成员已知悉以下政策和程序—— <br>- 威秀主题公园个人仪表<br>- Kronos打卡钟<br>- 重大紧急情况(医疗与非医疗)与紧急救援团队<br>- 公园设施政策<br>- 暂停休息/进餐休息时间/轮班程序<br>- 环境条件和时间

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Working Conditions 工作条件

  • Team member has been informed and is aware of the following – <br>- Supervision Rules<br>- Communication<br>- Vigilance Evaluation criteria / Vigilance Evaluation Drill procedures<br>- Guest/Team Member witness statements<br>- First Aid Procedures<br>- Working from Heights<br>- Dispatch & Run-Out Trough procedure<br>- Duty of Care to guests with any visible injuries and the hard cast policy<br>- Single Rider Procedure<br>- Manual handling<br>- Tube Awareness<br>- Lost Property procedure<br>- Lost Child/Child Protection procedure<br>- Code Brown procedures<br>- Animals in park<br>- Park Opening/Closing procedures<br>- Hazard Identification<br>团队成员已知悉以下事项—— <br>- 监督规则<br>- 通讯<br>- 警戒性评估标准/警戒性评估演习程序<br>- 游客/团队成员目击陈述<br>- 急救程序<br>- 高空作业<br>- 发车与下客槽程序<br>- 对任何存在明显受伤的游客的照顾职责<br>- 单独乘客程序<br>- 人工操作<br>- 浮圈监控<br>- 财物遗失处理程序<br>- 儿童走失/儿童保护程序<br>- 棕色代码程序<br>- 园区出现动物<br>- 开园/闭园操作程序<br>- 危害鉴定

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I have received training in the learning outcomes of the Departmental Orientation of the Operational Manual and have been certified in all policies and procedures documented above and relevant information 本人已接受操作手册上岗培训的学习成果培训,并获认定具有执行上述所有政策及程序和相关信息的资质。

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