Wet n Wild Haikou Rotations Procedure Checklist 轮岗检查表

Issued by: Operations Manager 发布人: 运营经理

Approved by: General Manager 批准人: 总经理

Date to be Revised: March 2018 发布人: 运营经理

Date Revised: December 2018 批准人: 总经理

Purpose: To list all learning outcomes involved when certifying a designated team member in the Operations Department of the Rotations procedures and to document learning outcomes. 目的: 列出认证指定团队成员操作过程中的学习成果,并记录达到的学习成果

Scope: This checklist will be used to document all designated team members that have been certified in the Rotations procedures when training at Wet n Wild Haikou. 范围: 本清单用于记录已圆满完成轮岗操作程序的=的所有运营部团队成员 。团队成员通过在相应栏位上填入S,并签署团队成员名字,来证明已受到关于每一项学习成果的培训,了解并掌握此类学习结果

Reference Documents: Wet n Wild Haikou Rotations Procedures Wet n Wild Ride Operations and Procedures Manual 参考文件: 海口水世界轮岗程序. 海口水世界游客操作程序手册

  • Name: 姓名:

  • Trainer: 培训员:

  • Date: 日期:

  • Displays knowledge of and how to enact the duties required of Rotations 了解并并掌握如何定轮岗的职责 Displays an understanding of and demonstrates the General Duties required as the Rotations 轮岗的一般职责说明 Demonstrates knowledge of and how to enact the additional Rotation duties and responsibilities for – - Safety - Meet and Greet - Team Member Responsibilities - Emergency Response Team and Park Evacuation - Rotation process - RBT procedures - Meal Breaks/Rest Pause/Hours Worked - Daily Hours and Budgets - Performance Discussions - 了解相关知识,以及如何制定其他的轮岗职责和职责。 - -安全意识 - 接待 - -团队成员的责任 - -应急反应小组和公园疏散 - 轮岗过程 - RBT程序 - 吃饭休息/休息暂停/工作时间 - -每天的工作时间和预算 - -绩效讨论 Demonstrates knowledge of the below Area Coordinator areas of responsibility and procedures – - Area One – AC1 - Area Two – AC2 - Area Three – AC3 - Area Four – AC4 - 了解以下园区协调员职责及程序方面的知识 - -区域-AC1 - -区域二-AC2 - -区域三-AC3 - -区域四-AC4

  • Team Member Initial 团队成员签名:

I have received training in the learning outcomes for the Operations Department and have been deemed certified to perform duties of all listed requirements and relevant information. 所有有关轮岗及相关信息操作程序的学习结果均已圆满完成

  • Team Member Signature: 团队成员签名:

  • Trainer Supervisor Signature: 培训员签名

  • Aquatics Manager Signature: 公园管理人签名:

  • Date: 日期:

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