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  • WWSydney Team Leader Checklist

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Wet n Wild Sydney Rotations Admin Procedure Checklist

Issued by: Park Supervisor

Approved by: Operations Manager

Date to be Revised: September 2017

Date Revised: September 2018

Purpose: To list all learning outcomes involved when certifying a designated team member in the Operations Department of the Rotations Admin procedures and to document learning outcomes.

Scope: This checklist will be used to document all designated team members that have been certified in the Rotations Admin procedures when training at Wet n Wild Sydney.

Reference Documents: Wet nWild Sydney Rotations Admin Procedures Wet n Wild Ride Operations and Procedures Manual

  • Name:

  • Trainer:

  • Date:

  • Demonstrates knowledge of the park areas of responsibility and procedures - Area One - 711 Area Two - 712 Area Three - 713 Area Four - 714

  • Team Member Initial

  • Displays knowledge of and how to enact the duties required of the Rotations Admin

  • Team Member Initial

  • Displays an understanding of and demonstrates the General Duties required as the Rotations Admin

  • Team Member Initial

  • Demonstrates knowledge of and how to enact the additional Rotations Admin duties and responsibilities for – - WH&S - Emergency Response - Rotations - RBT procedures - Meal Breaks/Rest Pause/Hours Worked - Daily Hours and Budgets - Performance Discussions

  • Team Member Initial

I have received training in the learning outcomes for the Operations Department and have been deemed certified to perform duties of all listed requirements and relevant information.

  • Team Member Signature:

  • Trainer Supervisor Signature:

  • Park Supervisor Signature:

  • Date:

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