Fit For Summer Checklist

    Thank you for assessing the center's standards based on the "Customer Journey Book" principles and the VM guidelines. The assessment result won't be included in the balanced score card.
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  • Have all "Customer Journey Book" principles at the external site entrance been followed? Page 5 on CJB.

  • The site entrance area and car park well maintained and clean.

  • Sentinel and growing media well maintained and clean. Sentinel base planted with appropriate seasonal planting.<br><br>

  • The trolleys / baskets and the trolley area clean, tidy.


  • Is the centre entrance according to the "Customer Journey Book" principles:

  • Clean, tidy and well maintained?

  • Is the A0 weather board in the correct location and does it follow the script as per the Manager's Focus.

  • Is the "jobs for the month" display setup as per policy.


  • Have the colour hexes been laid out as per the sales guideline?


  • Across all bedding benches;

  • Have products been pulled forward. Is plant maintenance to a high standard?

  • Have perfect partners being displayed as per the silent salesman policy.

  • Products well watered and a clear watering schedule is in place.


  • If you walk the main plant area are they well spaced, watered and are only top quality plants on sale?

  • Do Horti clearance areas follow "customer journey book" principles and is all space used appropriately within the Horti area?


  • Is the outdoor pot section setup as per the comms from the 5th of June (vm implementation guideline).

  • Are all landscape products clearly priced?


  • Has the Sale been setup as per the Sale policy document.


  • Is the till area:

  • Clean, tidy and well maintained?

  • Product shelves at till point replenished?

  • Every till has a "till book" containing the latest products with bar codes (e.g. landscaping, compost, calor gas etc.)

9. F&B

  • Is the Restaurant entrance: clutter free, clean and tidy, with the current version of clipboard menus in place and menus in good condition

  • Counters full and fresh, with the minimum number of round cakes. Team able to communicate their plans for baking additional scones if needed and why they have produce the volume they have – expected level of sales, promotions etc. If heat has affected the cake range, teams have implemented the hot weather plan

  • Tables laid to standard with table talkers, salt & pepper and plants. Also where in place, seating for customers with dogs is outside the restaurant boundary and has the dog seating area table talkers up

  • Display chillers clean, well-stocked, shelf edge strips and price tickets in place. Children’s My Picnic offer clearly communicated for customers to understand?

  • Back counter tidy and blackboard written clearly and in line with scripts. Volume of specials selected in line with implementation guide and suitable for the weather conditions (we will need to add some more detail here so RMs don’t have to reference back to other documents)

  • F&B till point; clutter free and allergens file up to date with all recent updates. Updates recorded on the tracker (we will need to add some more detail here so RMs don’t have to reference back to other documents)

  • Outside areas clean, well maintained and fresh plants displayed?


  • Is the play area clean, no high or low level dust / dirt with new cleaning and pre use checklist forms used? Cleaning materials stored separate from the restaurant and kitchen. P.30


  • Are the toilets clean, tidy and well maintained? Is the toilet sheet completed 3 times a day? P.31 from the Customer Journey Book


  • Have the uniform standards been followed? P.32-33 from the "Customer Journey Book" .

  • For Garden Centre team members / everyone wearing corporate uniform and a name badge.

  • Safety shoes worn by all the members of the Garden Centre team

  • For F&B team members / everyone wearing corporate uniform and a name badge.

  • Safety shoes worn by all the members of the Restaurant team.


  • Audited By : (Name & Signature)

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