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Camp Toolkit checklist

  • Drill, drill bits and tek bits/screws

  • Angle grinder, discs and tool

  • Soldering iron and wire

  • Multimeter

  • Electrical crimpers and crimp assortments

  • Electrical wire, tape

  • Assortment of blade and glass fuses

  • 1/2" and/or 3/4" socket set

  • Spanner set

  • Allen key set and start bit tools

  • Screwdriver set

  • Bull and Needle nose pliers

  • Side cutters

  • Hacksaw and blades

  • Wire brush

  • Large and small Crescent

  • Silicone and silicone gun

  • Claw, Copper/leather, and gympie hammer

  • Rubber mallet

  • Rivet gun and assortment of rivets

  • Tyre repair kit (glues, patches, plugs, tubes and rustbands)

  • Tie wire (small roll)

  • Jemmy Bar

  • Duct tape

  • Cable ties

  • Rags

  • Small selection nuts and bolts

  • Assortment of screws, washers, hose clamps

  • Jumper leads

  • Battery charger

  • Trickle charger

Once inventory completed, email to yourself and the Project Manager.

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