• Entity

  • Tenement

  • POW ID

  • Contractor

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Personnel

Exploration Activity undertaken through approved POW

  • Surface Sampling (mechanized)

  • Track Clearing

  • Drilling

  • Costeaning

  • Other - Please Describe

General Clean Up

  • Has all refuse and waste been removed from work sites and disposed of appropriately?

  • Insert photo if applicable

  • Have all chemical and fuel storage areas (if any) been visually inspected, and has all evidence of contamination cleaned up?

  • Insert photo if applicable

  • Have all sites where oil / fuel / chemical spills might have occurred been cleaned up and remediated?

  • Insert photo if applicable

  • Are all camp sites clean and free of any garbage / waste materials?

  • Insert photo if applicable

Tracks and Fencing

  • Have access tracks introduced during operations and not required for future operations been rehabilitated in accordance to permitting guidelines?

  • Scarification Completed

  • Insert photo if applicable

  • Access Blocked

  • Insert photo if applicable

  • Have pre-existing access tracks been reinstated to pre-operational condition?

  • Insert photo if applicable

  • Have all breaches of fences or gate openings been addressed appropriately in accordance to the requirements of permits and/or landholders?

  • Insert photo if applicable

  • Where applicable, have natural drainage pathways been reinstated to original conditions?

  • Insert photo if applicable

Surface Disturbances / Excavation Sites

  • All disturbed areas have been reinstated to a reasonable level.

  • Insert photo if applicable

  • All excavations and trenches have been back-filled in accordance to guidelines.

  • Insert photo if applicable

  • Where stockpiled, has native vegetation mulch been re-spread?

  • Insert photo if applicable

  • Where required, have re-vegetation efforts been completed?

  • Insert photo if applicable

Drill Site Rehabilitation

  • Enter Number of Drill Sites Rehabilitated

  • Insert Photo of Drill Spoil Rehabilitation

  • Insert Photo of Typical Drill Collar Plug and Burial

  • Insert Photo of Typical Drill Sump Rehabilitation

Additional Comments

Declaration of Field Representative

  • Name of Individual Completing Report

  • Select date

Forward Completed Report to the Responsible Project Manager


Declaration of Responsible Project Manager

  • Has Rehabilitation of All Activity Related to the Approved POW been completed?

  • Enter What, if any, additional work must be completed.

  • Enter Name

  • Select date


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