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Pre-start Safety Compliance

Cleaner/s have signed into visitors book (Daily)

Pre Start Safety Check Register has been completed & sited (Daily)

All Chemical Products labelled (Daily)

Testing and Tagging Register has been completed and sighted (6 monthly)

Hazardous Substance SDS - Pre-set/up to date (expiry 5 years from issue date)

Cleaners wearing head contractor uniform and ID (Daily)

Are gas bottles secured and in date (One gas bottle attached to each machine and one spare)

Cleaners Room

Cleaners room clean, neat & tidy (Daily)

Drains free of debris, cover in place (Daily)

Trading Area

Trolley bay floor (Weekly)

Trolley Bay partitions (Weekly)

Floor around entry gates (Daily)

Floor around EAS gates (Daily)

Floor around bollards (Daily)

Bakery customer floor area (Daily)

Produce floor area (Daily)

Deli/seafood floor area (Daily)

Liquor floor area (Daily)

Dairy floor area (Daily)

Meat floor area (Daily)

Back main aisle (Daily)

Front main aisle (Daily)

Grocery aisles (Daily)

Rubbish and loose items removed from floor (Daily)

Gondola & refrigeration bumper guard rails wiped clean (Mon / Wed / Fri)

Sweep and mop under gondolas (Daily)

Gondola legs cleaned (As per polish program)

Polish and dirt removed from brass expansion joints (As per polish program)

Brightworks cleaned (e.g entry gates, bollards, rails) (Weekly)

Columns cleaned to 1.8 metres (Weekly)

Checkout Area

Checkout aisles (Daily)

Front of store floor (e.g. in front of checkouts include permanent entry mats) (Daily)

Checkout bumper rails wiped clean (Daily)

Front end partitions, walls, ledges, dusted & cleaned (Daily)

Sweep under registers (Daily)

Back of store

Corridor floor clean (Daily)

Stairs, corridor rails, bumpers and ledges (Weekly)

Corridor floor buffed (Weekly)

Stockroom swept & scrubbed clean (Weekly)

Office floors cleaned (Daily)

Office floors buffed (Weekly)

Bins emptied, liners replaced (Daily)


Lunchroom floor cleaned (Daily)

Lunchroom floor buffed (Weekly)

Splash back and cupboard doors cleaned (Daily)

Sink drains and taps cleaned (Daily)

Staff Amenities

Locker room floor - sweep and mop (Daily)

Locker room floor - machine scrub (Quarterly)

Doors including kick plates and grills cleaned (Weekly)

Tops of lockers dusted (Weekly)

Amenities floor cleaned (Daily)

Amenities floor - machine scrub (Quarterly)

Toilet bowls, lids and seat clean (Daily)

Urinal cleaned (Daily)

Bins emptied, liners replaced (Daily)

Walls washed, including tiles (Weekly)

Hand basins & taps cleaned (Daily)

Replenish toilet paper, hand towels and soap (Daily)

Cubicle doors, partitions and ledges cleaned (Weekly)

Dust tops of toilet partitions (Weekly)

Clean ceiling vents (Quarterly)

General Area

Glass clean - internal/external spot clean (Daily)

Glass clean - internal/external full wash/clean (Weekly)

Air conditioning vents & return air grilles (Quarterly)

Car Park / Front path (Site specific / as applicable)

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