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  • Instructions: Conduct a GMP audit of the areas assigned to you. Note your findings below including the required corrective actions to be taken by the responsible department.

Taco Sauce Mix Room

  • Are the utensils clean, handled properly, or stored properly?<br><br>

  • Are the ingredients properly stored & labeled?<br>

  • Batch records are being filled out correctly and in real time ?<br><br>

  • Utensil Sink have hot water & clean<br><br>

  • Equipment Cleanliness (no debris, no old product, no foreign material, etc.)<br><br>

  • Equipment Maintenance (no tape, rust, rough welds, broken pieces, unapproved temporary repairs,etc.)<br>

  • Equipment parts & storage racks are clean.<br>

  • Equipment part and Hoses are off the floor & unused hoses stored on designated rack and capped ?<br>

  • Kettle Platform clean & in good condition?<br>

  • No leaks, condenstation or spills ?<br>

  • No Standing Water

  • Utensils are in sanitary condition?<br>

  • Pest Control<br>

  • Area is clean of trash and debris & all trash receptacles are closed with lid on.<br>

  • Walls, floors & ceiling - Paint & Repair<br>

Line 11 Glass Dump

  • Is the glass cleaner operating properly? Air rinse is on?<br><br>

  • Is the Glass Policy being followed?

  • No Standing Water

  • Pest Control<br>

  • Walls, floors & ceiling - Paint & Repair

Line 11 Processing Area

  • Are the utensils clean, handled properly, or stored properly?<br>

  • Area is clean of trash and debris & all trash receptacles are closed with lid on.

  • Does the utensil sink have hot water?

  • Does Hand wash sinks have hot water ? Are Papertowel and Soap dispensers filled ?

  • Are QA Personnel verifying production paperwork?

  • Is the Filler Chart reading and recording the correct temperature?

  • Is the magnet checked at the start of the day?

  • Are the scales / flow meters / charts calibrated?

  • Directly observe a temperature check

  • Equipment Cleanliness & Maintenance (no debris, no chipping paint, no foreign material, no tape, no unapproved temporary repairs, no rust, etc.) (Filler, Heat Exchanger, Capper, Dud Detector, Glass Air Rinser, Batch Tank (Surge Tank))

  • Are there any damaged glass or brittle plastic?

  • Are overhead & covers clean ?s

  • Are the records being filled out in real time?<br>

  • Dud detector is functional and tested

  • No product on the floor is observed

  • Wooden pallets in good condition

  • No Condensation

  • No Standing Water

  • Pest Control

  • Walls, floors & ceiling - Paint & Repair

Food Defense

  • Is restricted access in place ?

  • No suspicious activity observed that could jeopardize food safety

Personnel & Safety

  • Are all personnel properly wearing their PPE?

  • Are all operators following the correct instructions and following all safety procedures?

  • Are personal items being stored on the line?

  • Employees are wearing company approved facemasks and no soiled facemask observed ?

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