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General Prestart GMP

  • These elements are critical for production run. Production may be put on hold until non compliant issues are corrected.
    Any "No" answer requires an action detailed in the summary actions section.

Personal Hygiene

  • Are hair nets being worn correctly (covers all hair). Are beard nets worn correctly (over nose) ?

  • Are hands washed upon entry to bakery and disposable gloves worn whilst handling naked finished product ?

  • Are clean and correct uniforms worn in bakery ?

  • Are only plain wedding bands worn ? (unless approved and on jewellery register) Are only metal detectable bandaids used in the production area ?

  • Is nothing other than locker keys being kept in uniform pockets ?

General Housekeeping

  • Is no Food, Drinks, Magazines or other personal items being kept in factory ?

  • Is everything stored where it belongs and nothing stored on top of equipment ?

Pest Control

  • Are all doors closed and where installed door flaps/air strips kept shut ?

  • Are all pest sightings reported and no infested materials present ?

Equipment and Maintenance

  • Is there no string or tape used in repairs that may contaminate product ?

  • Are all faults reported and no faults present that may cause contamination ?

  • Are compressed air hoses not lying on the floor ?

  • Is tool register in place and all tools accounted for ?

Product Protection

  • Are all ingredients inspected or sieved as per CCP 2 procedures ?

  • Where checkweighers are in place are they operating correctly including the reject device ?

  • Where required are scales in place and operating correctly ?

  • Are foreign objects controlled? Only metal detectable pens and scrapers used ? Are thermometers, pens and calculators attached to work stations ? Are Safety glasses stored correctly ? Are no pins, staples and paper clips present ?

  • Are only approved knives used and are they intact and not damaged ?

  • Are baking tins/trays stored off the floor and in a way to prevent contamination ?

  • Are all containers, bins, spray bottles including chemicals correctly labelled and stored ?

  • Is Packaging and raw materials stored correctly and adequately protected from contamination ?

  • Are all Allergens stored, labelled and handled correctly ?

  • Are line forms in place and being filled out correctly ?

  • Is there no wood in factory ? If pallets are used are they protected by pallet guards?

  • Is there no broken glass or rigid plastic ? refer to glass register.

  • Are all Teflon surfaces in good physical condition ?

Non conforming Product

  • Is non - conforming product clearly identified/ labelled and isolated for discard ?

  • Summary of any corrective actions.

  • Supervisor Signoff

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